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When the Draw Inflation is high or low we can take advantage of it using our software before the game goes inplay.

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Pre Match Trading

In Play Trading

The best just got even better as now the excellent Draw Inflation tool has been added for free for all members of InPlay Trading site.

Get green before kickoff & take those profits in play & make some more!

You can see more examples of the tool in action right here: http://greenuptv.com/?s=draw+inflation

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Couple of examples of how you can profit from matches with High Draw Inflation before a ball is even kicked.

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This tool is excellent and makes £££ for those involved.

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This tool works so well game after game and its FREE when you join Tradingfootball.eu

Check how the DI% realigns itself as the Match Odds change.

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Game where there was a high Draw Inflation %.

Taking advantage of misaligned prices in the Match Odds and Under 2.5 markets.

Searching the www.drawinflation.com page and acting on some misaligned prices.

Our Shirley tool spot a game with high DI. Let’s take advantage.

PMT also shows us how to profit in Match Odds via the Draw Inflation %.