[draw inflation] Videos

The best just got even better as now the excellent Draw Inflation tool has been added for free for all members of InPlay Trading site.

Get green before kickoff & take those profits in play & make some more!

You can see more examples of the tool in action right here: http://greenuptv.com/?s=draw+inflation

And for more information about how you can get onboard just click below or drop us a line at info@bet72.com

Couple of examples of how you can profit from matches with High Draw Inflation before a ball is even kicked.

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This tool is excellent and makes £££ for those involved.

Find out more at www.prematchtrading.com

This tool works so well game after game and its FREE when you join Tradingfootball.eu

Check how the DI% realigns itself as the Match Odds change.

Find out more at www.prematchtrading.com

Game where there was a high Draw Inflation %.

Taking advantage of misaligned prices in the Match Odds and Under 2.5 markets.

Searching the www.drawinflation.com page and acting on some misaligned prices.

Our Shirley tool spot a game with high DI. Let’s take advantage.

PMT also shows us how to profit in Match Odds via the Draw Inflation %.