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Denmark v Australia – Low Draw Inflation %

Another example of how we can trade and profit based on certain things given and shown on the PMT auto […]

Low Draw Inflation – Profitable Football Strategy – Disco Strategy

Prematch profits using the DI tool, taking that Inplay to increase profits. Can only potentially lose on 2 full time […]

Costa Rica v N Ireland Low Draw Inflation 3 6 18

PMT tool works a treat from

Arsenal v Watford High Draw Inflation

Profits before kick off being used as insurance after kick off to maximise profits.

Deportivo v Ath Madrid low Draw Inflation %

When DI is high or low we can take advantage of it using our software before the game goes inplay.

In Play Trading Now With Draw Inflation

The best just got even better as now the excellent Draw Inflation tool has been added for free for all […]

AC Milan v PSV – 19% Draw Inflation

Check how the DI% realigns itself as the Match Odds change.

Some Draw Inflation games using the tool.mp4

Searching the page and acting on some misaligned prices

An example of a game with a high Draw Inflation.mp4

Taking advantage of misaligned prices in the Match Odds and Under 2.5 markets.

Draw Inflation promo.mp4

The new innovative Draw Inflation tool which is released within the week.

Draw Inflation, ‘The Shoutbox’ and trades 20-10-11.mp4

PMT also shows us how to profit in Match Odds via the Draw Inflation %.

Profitable Football Strategy. Only 2 FT scores can lose. DI and Inplay = ££££

Apologies for the length, but lots of good info and tips from a Pro Trader. Many others would charge for […]

DI tips/pointers

Draw Inflation tool in action, and we’re there for it complete with some advice on how to get the best […]