Beginners Guide To Conventional Trading

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On this weeks episode of Betcast – which is not the 11th I’ve made – I’m joined by Martin Cole from Learning To Trade and we’re taking a look at conventional trading (as opposed to sports trading) from a beginners perspective.

We decided to go down the beginners route because I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to trading stocks, shares and currency but hopefully some of the concepts discussed will trigger ideas or inspiration for you sports traders out there.

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This type of trading sounds seriously profitable, if done correctly, and some of the stories Martin has to tell about what it’s possible to make are pretty baller. He also runs a free course for anyone who is interested in finding out more which is available via his website. All details of this are mentioned in the show and in the resources section below.

The show starts out with Martin telling us about his background in trading and how he managed to get where he is today. It’s an interesting listen and I’m sure plenty of sports traders will be able to relate to his position. It’s a real zero to hero kind of story. Following that we move on to talk about the tools and services you might need to get into currency trading (where Martin’s talents lie) as well as forums and blogs in the industry.

Following the above we move on to talk about some beginner strategy for trading currency markets and talk in depth about an approach which involves learning how to lose to learn how to win. All in all the show makes for a really good listen and although it’s not directly about sports trading there’s plenty of crossover and I think you guys will get something out of it.

What You’ll Hear In Ep11:

Martin Cole and how he got into trading after being bankrupt.
The Learning To Trade website and the free course available.
Trading stocks, shares and currency as opposed to sports markets.
Beginner trading strategy.
How to get in touch with Martin to ask any questions about his course or trading in general.
Success stories from Martin’s time teaching trading but not as you might expect.
A philosophical discussion on why we trade.


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