Betting Strategy: (Half Time Full Time): (DRAW/DRAW)

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Betpractice ScoreGrid Platform is a Unique betting software focus on football, designed for use on betting exchanges. ScoreGrid Platform sits between you and the exchange and allows you to place orders, faster, more effectively and with much more simplicity than the traditional web site interface. The Platform simplifies the complexity of mixing and matching single bets among different markets in a particular football game.

ScoreGrid has been designed for pre-game and in-play betting in Betfair Exhange Market. It is a new way of soccer betting in betfair exchange, that shows betting outcomes for every possible score of the game, instead of the traditional way that uses betting outcomes only for each betting market separately.

The user has the ability to practice with potential betting choices among different markets and to know exactly the net profit or loss at every possible score of the game.

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