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The new automation strategy feature in Fairbot can be employed as a stop-loss mechanism to minimise damage when inadvertently taking a trade in-running.

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Fairbot now has an automated strategy facility that allows you to assign strategy to a market or markets and let the software get on with it while you do something else. Here’s a quick demo.

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While backing up my system recently I came across a number of videos from last year showing my experiments with mixing strategies in the same event. For some reason I hadn’t uploaded them to YouTube.

Fresh from reviewing them, I thought I’d retry the technique with a couple of modifications on a couple of races at Kempton this evening.

I won’t go into details preferring to leave it to the viewer to work out what I’m doing. In essence, I’m using the in-running scalping technique to reduce the liability on a pre-race dutch. You can review the in-running and dutching videos in the channel if you are unsure what I’m on about.

A couple of excellent results though the jury is still out regarding long term profitability.

If I get time I’ll upload the original experimental videos as some may find them useful as well as a few repeating the process shown here.

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A quick explanation and demonstration of how I go about selecting horses to include in a dutch with a view to trading out in running

Although not shown in the video, I make extensive use of the Timeform site at

The video considers how the odds of the selections you make have an influence on how and when you can trade out.

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Introducing the ‘Repeat On Success’ feature now available in the latest release of Fairbot.

This looks like a useful feature to assist with the in-running scalping strategy I introduced earlier this year. This video discusses its operation with that strategy and suggests that shorter races may now be viable for the in-running technique.

After recording the video, I carried on and built up £122 after 30 races. That equates to an hourly rate of a little under £35. You can see a screenshot of all the greens from this afternoon’s races at…

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Quick-fire run through of seven races this afternoon (19th July 2014) where I employ my in-running scalping method.

If I wasn’t green by the half-way point I let my position ride as I wanted to practice my race reading skills. (No pictures for you to see as I had that window on another monitor). Pleased with how I read the races though it did lead to a couple of damn close shaves. It’s certainly a lot easier to do it in races of 2m+ rather than the 1-2m races I concentrate on here and I wouldn’t recommend it to the beginner.

The last race is out of sync as it is the thunderstorm delayed 14:20 at Market Rasen.


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A miserable attempt at scalping the 15:05 at Newbury on 18th July.

Half way through the race I had a red on ‘Wojha’ and could/should have traded out for a £5 loss but watching the race I felt that Wojha, though leading, looked vulnerable so I let it run a bit longer only for my red to get bigger. In the end, I baled for a loss of £18 and a few seconds later my assessment proved correct and Wojha drifted – typical!

All part and parcel of this trading malarkey. Move on to the next one…

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An explanation of the in-running scalping technique I introduced back in Feb-March 2014. Links for those videos are below.

Recently Darren at bet72 posted a video demonstrating his attempts at the technique using The Geeks Toy trading software. Since then, I’ve had a number of requests for further information, hence this video.

I start from basics so apologies to those more experienced traders – just skip the first 10 mins or so.

Also, I should apologise for it’s length (Oooh Matron!). I got a bit carried away.

A couple of times I mentioned a stake/liability of £100 when in actual fact I meant £50. I’m sure you’ll get the gist when you watch it.

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Here is our video using this strategy

Using The Geeks Toy software below….

In-play strategy I call ‘The Long And The Short’ that is intended to get you a free bet on a long shot while going green on everything else.

Early days for this strategy but it has shown great promise. It needs to be tested over many more races but I present it here for your delectation if not amusement.

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Demonstrates a variation on the in-running scalping method

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A three runner race at Leopardstown and a straight forward trade where I oppose the favourite.

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The 13:40 at Sthl on 4th Feb didn’t meet my normal dutch criteria so I tried something else.

Dutching the outsiders for a small amount and trading the market leaders seemed like an interesting plan. The theory being that if any of the outsiders ran well, the green on them could be spread across the field.

The plan went well with plenty of opportunity to trade out for a double figure profit until I lost track of how long I’d been in the market and ultimately had a small ‘deer in the headlights’ moment.

Don’t do this at home.

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In the 15:20 at MrktR I felt the winner would come from the top half of the coupon so I dutch those pre-race. I then monitor the market, paying particular attention to those runners not involved in the dutch. If any of those start to shorten in the market, I trade them to reduce the red sitting on them.

In the end, for most of the race I could have greened up and the eventual winner did indeed come from my initial selection. I still managed to reduce the liability on the only outsider to threaten from -£100 down to -£20.

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Follow my ramblings as I use various resources to help me decide what angle to take for the 11:03 greyhound race at Hall Green on 27th Jan 2014.

It’s wonderful when a plan comes together :)

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This video discusses various online resources that can be used to develop betting strategies for greyhound racing. It also throws in a couple of strategies that you may want to investigate in your own time.

Resources used in the video are:

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This video looks at scalping the 13:40 race at Catterick on 22nd Jan 2014 and demonstrates the importance of having a plan and sticking to it.

The sharp-eyed viewer will notice I missed a brief opportunity to exit the trade at my intended profit target as I was too busy describing what I was doing for this video. It then goes on to exit for a loss when things go wrong – sticking to the predefined plan.

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Shows a number of races where a bet liability of £20 was used with a view to trading out for 5% profit, i.e. £1.00 all green.

There’s no commentary from me. Only the race commentary from William Hill radio playing in the background.

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Demonstrates a scalping technique for distance races using Fairbot.

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This video explores some of the settings available in the latest version of Fairbot while placing a Dutch bet on the 18:15 at Dundalk on 17th Jan.

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