Professional Trader Caan Berry introduces you to Geeks Toy Trading software and how to conduct a successful trade on BETDAQ

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In our fifth and final instalment of our BETDAQ educational videos, Caan explains what are ‘Trading Tool’ and the benefits of using them with BETDAQ

In Part 4 of BETDAQ’s educational video series, Caan Berry takes you through how to find a winning edge when trading on the BETDAQ exchange.

New to BETDAQ? In part 3 of our 5 part educational series for new customers, Caan takes you through the simple process of placing a trade on BETDAQ and how to Cash Out on the Exchange.

In Part 2 of our new educational videos, Caan takes you through Back and Lay Betting and also how to understand Decimals.

New to BETDAQ Exchange? In our five part series of educational videos, BETDAQ Customer, Caan Berry will take you through the basics of Peer to Peer Betting on the Exchange and explain Backing and Laying and why the Odds are almost always better than a normal Bookmaker