Neil Channing is one of the most successful professional gamblers of recent times. He’s also one of the most versatile. He’s succeeded at Poker, Spread Betting, Horses, backing and laying sports betting and racecourse bookmaking.

It’s not all been plain sailing though, there have been some magical highs, winning $1,200,000 in the Irish Poker Open in 2008, and some crushing lows, losing his entire tank laying horses thanks to a Martin Pipe purple patch.

In this series of interviews with Simon Nott Neil tells it warts and all from his humble beginnings winning money playing cards with older kids more interested in getting drunk and having sex, though on-course bookmaking, working in the spread betting industry and winning a fortune playing poker.

He also talks candidly about the mentality of gambling, how to deal with a losing run and advice to those who may be watching his career starry-eyed and ambition to emulate him burning in their hearts. It’s all here, all you wanted to know about the life and times of the modern day professional punter.

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Mark Douglas discusses the importance of trading psychology and why most traders have the wrong mindset to become continuously successful traders.

An interesting old video unearthed by Professional Trader, Mark Iverson….

I came across this archived video interview of Andrew Black today, the co-founder of Betfair, and it brought a smile to my face. I’m a bit of a sucker when is it comes to nostalgia, and whilst this wasn’t many moons ago, it still seems like an age when I consider the changes that Betfair has gone through since.

I’m unsure of the exact date it was recorded, but my guess is sometime during early 2008. Back in a time when the company still believed, “we are different.”

A good find Mark.

You can find out more about Mark & his trading over at his site http://markiverson.com/

This video discusses various online resources that can be used to develop betting strategies for greyhound racing. It also throws in a couple of strategies that you may want to investigate in your own time.

Resources used in the video are:


Visit the Bet Your Life Blog at http://betyourlife.blogspot.co.uk/

Interview with Michael Wilding the creator of Puntology hosted by Darren Power of Betting School

To find out more out on how the software can help you to build your own portfolio of profitable betting systems, strategies and methods, click below….

The Staking Machine App or TSMapp for short, is a professional sports betting WebApp. It is a cutting edge, bet tracking and system analysis tool. Since 2007 thousands of people have been using TSM for Windows. After receiving many requests we have converted the desktop version of TSM into a web browser version. Every Back and Lay Staking Plan has been converted. That means there is 39 Staking Plan in TSMapp. Each Staking Plan setting is fully editable. Nearly all the features in TSM for Windows has been coded into the TSMapp. This video has been recently updated to include the new TSMapp Copy/Paste Import Wizard.

Advanced analytics is becoming more and more a key theme in sports betting. CantorGaming leads the way in the US in regards to in-game wagering and technology. Haralabos Voulgaris built a basketball database and model that NBA GMs and other gamblers salivate over. Hear how they (and annecdoteally others) each build edges for themselves, manage risk, and consistently earn profits each year.

Old Gold from Mr T.

Another demonstration of why you need trading software in your life!

Recently on the channel ATR’s UK tipster, Hugh Taylor, talked in-depth about losing runs. Hear what Hugh has to say on the topic right here.

In a special edition of Form Factor Hugh and James Willoughby give you some expert advice for your punting and now go through staking plans.

I was matched at 1000 on Betfair during a Australian Horse Race as the commentator made a mistake; he was calling the wrong horse over the finishing line. He only realised his mistake once the official result came in, but, unfortunately for the layer this was to late for them.

A little piece of Old Gold here as we have found the legend that is Adam Todd doing his take on some Badger trading.

You can find the real Badger right here on greenuptv.com – http://greenuptv.com/category/bet-trader/

From Richard Mawer of tradingforprofits.co.uk

I thought I would put together a quick video to explain why I feel that major race meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival, Aintree, Newmarket, Ascot, Epsom and Doncaster offer a fantastic trading environment for us as traders.

We are currently just starting Day 2 of the Cheltenham Festival and after a good day of trading yesterday, making £536 in profit over the day, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on why they are such consistent trading environments for us to benefit from.

You can read the full article over at Richard’s site: tradingforprofits.co.uk

Adam is full flow here. Love it!

In this video Adam demonstrates some of the features of the then ground breaking software BetTrader Pro

This video is a good example of several scratch trades and why they are so good. Scratch trades don’t cost you any commission like they do on the financial markets.

This video starts off with a loss and is a good example of how short term trading lets you get back losses very quickly.

This video shows only one trade where I go for a larger profit, making 4 ticks instead of the usual one or two ticks profit.

This is a short video that demonstrates how taking small, quick profits can give you a profit even though the price has gone back to where it started at.

More old gold uncovered on an old PC I was cleaning up.

Circa 2006 it shows the legendary trader Adam Todd trading his way through some more races of the day using the original BetTrader Pro software.

Some old gold uncovered on an old PC I was cleaning up.

Circa 2006 it shows the legendary trader Adam Todd trading his way through some races of the day using the orginial BetTrader Pro software.