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BTC Forum – Notifications

The awesome notifications system on the new forum –

BTC Forum – Bookmarking

How to save posts for later viewing on the forum –

BTC Forum – Searching

How to search the forum for threads you’re interested in –

BTC Forum – Upvoting & Downvoting

How to like / dislike posts on the forum –

BTC Forum – Posting a poll

How to post a poll for people to vote on the new forum –

BTC Forum – Q&A

How to post a question and answer on the forum –

BTC Forum – How To Make A Basic Post

Quick overview on the post features available in the forum software –

BTC Forum – Overview

A quick whistle-stop tour of the key features of the forum, to get you started –

BTC Forum – Logging In

How to log in to the brand spanking new forum –

10 key tips to researching football bets and trades on Betfair Pro football trader Martin Futter tells us 10 things he looks at before placing bets or trades on football.

BTC Stats Software – In Play Toggle And Elo Ratings

We’ve added a toggle to the stats software so you can filter out matches that aren’t going in play on […]

BTC Stats Software – The price is right!

We’ve added a live link to the Betfair markets in the software so you can now view AND filter on […]

BTC Stats Software – Head 2 Head Stats

By popular demand, we’ve added h2h stats to the software! Join us and check them out now –

BTC Stats Software – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Learn how to tweak your strategies to match some but not all of your filter criteria –

BTC Stats Software – Qualifier Shortlist

Narrow your trading selections down even further to manage your trading diary effectively –

BTC Stats Software – Fixture Search

Zero in on the matches you’re interested in quickly by team name, league, country or date –

BTC Stats Software – Promoted / Relegated Teams

Include or exclude recently promoted and relegated teams to improve your strike rate – Try us out today at

Betfair Trading Superbowl 2017 Picks

Pro Trader and top NFL fan Maritn Futter discusses his Superbowl outsider bets with some juicy trading opportunities revealed!

BTC Stats Software – Another League Position Filter Example

Refine your research when looking for evenly matched teams –

BTC Stats Software – Opposition Type / League Position Filters

Find every top vs bottom of the league team matchup fast using the latest addition to our smart filters! – […]

BTC Stats Software – Opposition Matcher

An overview of how you can make better trading decisions by filtering our stats instantly based on the opposition type […]

BTC Stats Software – Last 20 Matches Toggle

A quick video to demonstrate how you can change the scope of the data instantly at the click of a […]

Betfair Trading Over 1.5 and 2.5 goals picks Week 3 update

Pro trader Martin shows us how he is testing the BTC software to find profitable over 1.5 and over 2.5 […]

Over Under 1.5 & 2.5 goals Strategy and Trading Psychology Part 2

Pro Sports Trader Martin Futter explains his filters and psychology behind how he test strategies using our great stats software […]