GeeGeez6 Videos

Your Questions, My Answers

A Q&A session covering, Gold tools, as well as racing and betting generally.

Geegeez TV #4: Using Query Tool in Geegeez Gold

A look at how Query Tool (QT) can help identify betting angles to deploy for profit.

Geegeez TV #3: Finding Winners with Reports

This broadcast showcases the reports suite, and helps viewers understand how taking a ‘top down’ approach can lead to good […]

Geegeez TV #2: The Racecards

A show to look at the Geegeez Gold racecards, and form tabs. Pointers on which content to use and when.

Geegeez Gold Webinar #1: 7th October 2018

An overview of Geegeez Gold, and the first of your questions answered…