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Betfair football trading – The worst football trade ever!

Welcome to a horror story about the worst football trade ever. It’s enough to give you sleepless nights. Betting exchanges […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Follow up video on football transfers

Here is a follow up on the broader video that I did on football transfers, pre-season trading and how a […]

Profit from trading football before the season has started!

Before the start of the football, season teams shore up their squad with new purchases. It’s possible to trade this […]

Key Betfair trading skill – Getting out of a hole with a clean exit using Bet Angel

Here is an important trading skill to learn. I had wondered exactly what to call this video, but getting a […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – My trading desk & setup

You often see Bet Angel in the background when I record videos, but here is a closer look at that […]

Bet Angel Review – Key features explained of this cutting edge Betfair trading software

Unashamed plug to follow! I’ve seen quite a few ‘reviews’ of Bet Angel that simply don’t do justice to either […]

A stunning Betfair trade at Goodwood explained in detail

Goodwood should have been renamed Greywood at the start of the 2017 festival, such was the miserable weather that accompanied […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Horse racing trading analysis

When races are quite close together you can get a rush of money arriving into a market and push a […]

Betfair football trading – Profit from penalties

As we moved through the final stages of the World Cup I was reminded of penalties again. Thankfully England broke […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – How to make money at the World Cup (so far)

I avidly analyse everything, even those two flies scaling the window over there. It’s how you get and maintain an […]

Clever stuff on Football markets with Bet Angel and an Excel Spreadsheet

If you want to trade better on Betfair it’s a good idea to get a full view on the market […]

The best World Cup football trade so far!

I did a video recently where I was pointing out a couple of simple trades and how you could do […]

Peter Webb – The Sports trading cycle & Bet Angel

When you are trading on Betfair you will find there is a lot of seasonality. This occurs because of the […]

Bet Angel – 2018 World Cup Trading Tips – Updated!

Now that we are a bit further into the World Cup, we now have some experience on what’s happened so […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – World Cup mega video

It’s not often the world cup comes around, so let’s do it properly. Here is a lengthy video explaining my […]

Two key breakthroughs I made in my Betfair trading career

I was asked a really interesting question last week on what allowed me to go from just trading to a […]

Bet Angel Review of key updates in new version 1.50

We recently released a new version of Bet Angel, we think it’s best Betfair trading software you can get! The […]

Betfair scalping with a simple Bet Angel Servant

Bet Angel servants are a great way to improve your Betfair trading by automating common manual entry and exit procedures. […]

Betfair trading – Two simple trades that anybody can do on Bet Angel

Very often trading doesn’t need to be complicated, you just need to spot opportunities and act on them decisively. In […]

Interview: PETER WEBB (part 3 of 3)

Part three of out interview with Bet Angel founder and professional trader Peter Webb.

Interview: PETER WEBB (part 2 of 3)

Part two of our interview with Peter Webb, professional trader and founder of Bet Angel. Peter explains how he took […]

Motivation, Desire and work / life balance in a nutshell

I’m a very motivated sort of guy and it’s worth explaining where that comes from but also the sort of […]

Interview: PETER WEBB (part 1 of 3)

Meeting Peter Webb, professional trader and founder of Bet Angel

Why do 95% of traders lose? The real reason….

A statistic is often trotted out with amazing regularity and commented on by many is that 95% of traders lose […]