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Betfair Trading: Limited then banned accounts – How bookies kicked me out of the gambling industry

This is a video on how bookmakers / bookies kicked me out of the industry by restricting my accounts and […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel live stream – Talking trading strategy, software, Betfair and everything!

We did the first live stream Q&A today and I’d like to thank you for all the questions that were […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – The secret to profitable Betfair trading

I hate using words like ‘secret’ and profitable but ultimately that’s what this video describes. You see lots of videos […]

Betfair trading – What is the #1 trick to effective trading on Betfair?

There is one key difference between trading on financial markets and trading on sports markets. This video explores that and […]

Betfair trading – Peter Webb – How you should really be trading on betfair!

I’m often approached by people who try to trade and launch themselves at the market and make a total Horlicks […]

Review of my first year of sports trading on Betfair for a living

Here is my story and review of my first year of Betfair trading. It was an era on the Betfair […]

Betfair Trading Strategies – How to get from novice to expert – Peter Webb – Bet Angel

What does it take to become one of Betfair’s biggest traders? When I first started, I had no pointers on […]

Betfair trading – Profitable back to lay trading

The odds of horses in-running is much more variable than the pre-off market. In this video, we explore a simple […]

Betfair trading – Peter Webb – How to read and trade a racing market

Here is a good example of reading the market. By reading the market what we are trying to do is […]

Betfair trading – Low risk trading with small stakes

In this video, we do some pretty low-risk trades on Betfair.. We are looking for a quality opportunity in the […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – The most effective way to trade on Betfair

The way I trade on the Betfair betting exchange can seem very confusing to people looking in from the outside, […]

Betfair trading – Two simple trades that anybody can do on Bet Angel

Very often trading doesn’t need to be complicated, you just need to spot opportunities and act on them decisively. In […]

How I became a profitable at Betfair trading and how you can too!

When I started trading on Betfair I had to work from base zero. I wasn’t profitable, I had no Betfair […]

Guaranteed way to NOT lose money in any trading market

What’s the perfect trading strategy? Fancy a key tip? Life involves taking a risk and humans are instinctively geared to […]

Football betting tips – Predicting correct score odds

On some previous videos, I’ve talked about Betfair trading but also about value betting / gambling. I’ve talked about how […]

Why sports betting tips from tipsters cannot be trusted!

When your typical punter goes to place a bet they usually have no prior knowledge of the market and place […]

Betfair trading – My favourite type of Betfair trade

Further to my video on how to find the best opportunities which you can view here: – Here is […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Scalping on Betfair explained – Full tutorial

Most people are looking to easy to pick up, profitable, Betfair trading strategies. A popular Betfair trading strategy on the […]

Motivation, Desire and work / life balance in a nutshell

I’m a very motivated sort of guy and it’s worth explaining where that comes from but also the sort of […]

How I doubled my profits while Betfair trading in 2018 – Peter Webb

I had a pretty good 2018 on the Betfair trading markets, but on all sports markets in general. Part of […]

Betfair trading – Lay the draw & green up – Automatically – Peter Webb

In this video, Peter Webb, professional trader, lays the draw before the off for the Arsenal V Man City match […]

Betfair trading – The secret to finding the best opportunties

I’ve learnt that finding the right opportunities in any market is all about one specific strategy. In this video I […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – My accidental Live Stream!

If you are interested in a scheduled live stream, LIKE this video to let me know!!! Here is an accidental […]

How to: Betfair trading – Introduction by Peter Webb – Bet Angel

A simple introduction to the mechanics of trading using Bet Angel and Betfair. Learn what betfair trading is and how […]