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Betfair Online Sports Trading Masterclass

An introduction to the online Sports Trading Masterclass. We will show you the best way to get started, then improve, […]


Looking at what to look for when trying a three tick offset strategy in running on UK horse racing.


Trading with two minutes to go before the start, just doing one tick scalping trades, showing what to look for […]

Extra profit

Just showing options for increasing profit playing match odds against over/under goals markets. Sometimes you have a profit on both […]


A typical three tick offset strategy on a four horse race. My thought process through the race and what I […]


Trading in running using a one tick offset strategy on BetTrader. There are hidden benefits to using one tick where […]


My first trade on T10 cricket explaining my thought process and how this opportunity presented itself. It’s all a learning […]

Three Ticks

Showing you what I am looking for to make an entry into the market using the tick offset strategy in […]

First Half

Trading the first half of a long distance jumps race. I like to trade the first half of the race […]

Easy race

Just showing the tick offset in action during the first half of the race.


The things I look for to make 10 a race on the UK markets.


This video shows how the difference in volatility at an average meeting as opposed to Cheltenham is a great advantage

Saturday scalping

It is harder to trade the racing on a Saturday but use the extra liquidity and stability to use larger […]

Off the field

Make money when the players are not even on the field of play.


This video shows how to manage your bankroll when trading in play. It places a maximum risk of your choosing […]

Scalping Strategy

Once again trading a crossover point and my thought process as I deal with a losing trade and the reasons […]

Resistance v Crossover

Showing the difference between trading crossover points and resistance points. I say in my courses I prefer to do six […]

Crossover points

Explaining how to use crossover points to your advantage. A crossover point is where the value of a price increment […]

Two outcomes

How to trade a race where there are only two viable options. It is actually far easier than when a […]