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Betfair trading – Low risk exit strategy

You need to open and close positions in the market. I often feel that exiting is key. Obviously you will […]

Betfair makes significant changes to football markets

This is a curious one. Cross matching has been around for a few now, but Betfair have expanded it to […]

Betfair horse trading – Finding low risk markets – Volume vs Liquidity

The best markets on Betfair where you are most likely to find a decent trade will exhibit key characteristics. In […]

Betfair trading videos – Requests please!

I’ve recorded a lot of videos since this channel started in 2008. Based on the number of views the channel […]

Betfair trading strategies – Tennis trading primer

After the recent new release of Bet Angel, we had quite a few contacts asking for a quick run down […]

Betfair Tennis trading – How to switch markets and alert automatically

Using the new advanced automation in Bet Angel you can get Bet Angel to switch to a market or sound […]

Betfair Tennis trading – Trade the server, Automatically!

In this video we use the advanced automation in Guardian to create a simple rule to automate the ‘trade the […]

Betfair Trading – Easily automate your tennis trading

In version 1.41 of Bet Angel you can automate your Tennis trading through Guardian’s advanced automation. This video walks you […]

Peter Webb – Betfair trading – Neat trick trading trick for major meetings

Peter Webb from Bet Angel talks about trading betfair at Royal Ascot. We were recently treated to an interesting week […]

Betfair Tennis trading – Quick selection and profiling of Tennis matches

It’s really easy and simple to pick and select Tennis markets on Bet Angel. Rather than wade through the market […]

Betfair trading – Royal Ascot week

A quick overview of Ascot and how it varies to meetings like Cheltenham. I’ve put a bit of detail on […]

Betfair trading – Trading with Touchscreen PC

Trading often involves a lot of sitting down. We are often told this is not very healthy at all. So […]

Betfair trading – What is the #1 trick to effective trading on Betfair?

There is one key difference between trading on financial markets and trading on sports markets. This video explores that and […]

Betfair trading – What are the best days of the week to trade?

Are there better and worse times to be in the market? Given that sports trade seven days a week, when […]

Bet Angel – Understanding Matchstick/ LTP charts

A quick video to explain exactly what these charts are plotting. If you look at the centre of the ladder […]

Bet Angel – Matchstick/ LTP charts feature

Due to user requests we have added this feature Bet Angel version 1.40. This feature is defaulted to off by […]

Betfair trading – Strategy behind a 250 swing trade

I posted up a number of good results last week. Here is of them and the underlying strategy that created […]

Trading on Betfair – Live Tennis scores via Betfair on Bet Angel

Here is a quick look at the delay in live feeds during the tournament in Rome this week.

Bet Angel – Connecting via RDP on an Apple Mac

When you buy a VPS you will need to connect to it. This video shows you how to connect an […]

Betfair trading software for an Apple Mac – Bet Angel

We have had quite a few requests along the lines of ‘I have a Apple Mac so how can I […]

Betfair trading – Getting in wrong (But still making some money)

In this video I started out with a market that I thought would be easier to read, it wasn’t. To […]

Betfair trading – Blog post and Guineas weekend

Just a quick video to highlight to YouTubers my blog post about early season trading markets. Check out the blog […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Trading the US Masters on Betfair

I started trading Golf markets some time ago but, as with all trading strategies, I’ve got better over time. In […]

BETDAQ promotion for Bet Angel users

Betdaq have kindly offered a partial refunded on losses if you use the new version of Bet Angel for BETDAQ. […]