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Peter Webb – Bet Angel – This video will stop you going in-play

Going in-play and dumping a big proportion of your trading bank is a cardinal sin in pre-off horse racing trading. […]

Large fields and bookmaker prices – Just place a bet on the exchange!

I did a video last week about how to calculate book values and therefore the percentage being retained by a […]

US Masters – Betfair Trading – Weekend golf markets

Betfair Trading the US Masters and in fact any golf major, presents a range of opportunities. At the start of […]

The only way to win at betting in the long run – Explained

This goes hand in hand with this video here: – There is only one way you can win long-term […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Betting on football conference

I recently attended the betting on football conference at Chelsea Football club / Stamford Bridge. It’s not really a consumer-facing […]

How to be a bookie – How bookmakers make money from your betting

Everybody says that only the bookmakers win, so how do they win? When you place a bet with a bookie […]

Easter trading markets – Horse Racing

Easter is an interesting time for the markets. Some meetings are pretty decent but others not so. Here is some […]

Peter Webb – Getting Bet Angel to refresh ten times faster

Some people have noticed my refresh rate is faster than on their version of Bet Angel. In this video, I […]

Hyper fast Betfair trading videos – Why you may find them useful

During Cheltenham week I tweeted a hyper-fast Betfair trading video. I watch videos regularly, even if it’s just the market […]

Peter Webb – What does a typical day of Betfair trading look like?

Following on from my blog post about trading non-feature racing markets on Betfair. I thought I would document Monday’s Betfair […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – My strategy for trading ‘normal’ markets

Hey, it’s great when you are a professional Betfair trader getting really stuck into the big races but the brutal […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Cheltenham Betfair trading diary

Here is my Cheltenham Betfair trading diary. This is one meeting that has never failed to live up to the […]

How to win on all 28 races on the Cheltenham Festival

This video supplements the promotion that Betdaq is running during the Cheltenham festival. You can view details of the promotion […]

Bet Angel for Betdaq – Betdaq trading software

In line with Betdaq running a trading promotion at Cheltenham. Here is a whistle-stop tour of Bet Angel for Betdaq. […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Cheltenham trading summary

For those of you who have not experienced Cheltenham before here is a quick summary of the meeting and how […]

Peter Webb – Cheltenham 2017 – Trading highlights and information

Rather than go through all the stats again, like in previous years. This year I have edited together some of […]

Betfair trading – How to find an edge in the markets

You need an edge in any market to make money. I’ve managed to maintain my edge over a huge number […]

Bet Angel – Hidden features – Multiple markets

One of the great features of Bet Angel is the ability to trade multiple markets, properly. By that we don’t […]

Peter Webb – Tips on Dutching – Horse Racing

It was sort of inevitable that after my video on the variable dutching calculator in Bet Angel that a few […]

Bet Angel’s – Advanced variable dutching calculator

We first released advanced dutching way back in 2006 and expanded its capability from there. Rather than just allow you […]

Peter Webb – Understanding dutching and variable dutching

In a recent video, I hinted that I run a dutching strategy and that brought forward a lot of questions […]

Betfair trading – Dublin Racing Festival

We had the Dublin racing festival for the first time last week and it proved to be an interesting market […]

Betfair trading – Profiting from ever changing markets

Are the betting exchange markets getting harder, easier, more efficient, less efficient? The answer may surprise you as the market […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – The most effective way to trade on Betfair

The way I trade on the Betfair betting exchange can seem very confusing to people looking in from the outside, […]