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Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Matchbook Traders conference – Added content, high quality version

As you may know, I attended and talked at the Matchbook traders conference in November. They finally released the video […]

Betfair football trading strategies – Who scores first?

When trading football on Betfair it’s easy to misinterpret exactly what could happen next. Football is highly variable and that […]

Are we likely to see emergent betting exchanges?

On several trips to the US, I’ve spoken to many different people in an effort to promote the concept of […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel Review – What will I be up to in 2018?

I didn’t do one last year because I ran out of time and then the video wouldn’t have been timely, […]

Betfair trading – Low risk Tennis trade

In my video of last week I summarised an opportunity that you may want to try and find at a […]

Betfair Tennis trading – Profit graphs

Whether I’m trading a Tennis match or not I capture data on it for later analysis. This allows me to […]

Betfair Tennis trading – Australian Open Tennis

Strewth mate, it’s only January and we have the first Tennis grand slam of the year. The timezone makes a […]

How to read a Betfair graph / chart – Trading analysis

I came across a comment this week which was asking for some commentary on a Betfair chart / graph. Here […]

Trading opportunities for the FA Cup third round

The FA CUP has been reducing in significance every year for a few year now. Everybody will mention its decline […]

Cold winter evenings – When I’m not trading on Betfair

I’m sure some of your can relate to the video. When I was young I was taken to my first […]

Betfair trading – How to win (and lose) 45m in a few minutes

In Christmas week 2011 something really strange happened. This video explains one of the most unusual things to have ever […]

Trading Christmas sports markets on Betfair

I know this isn’t a consideration for many of you, but I will trade the markets over Christmas. It’s a […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Buy Bitcoin you know it’s only going up!

OK I know I should be talking about Betfair trading but financial markets are a big part of my life […]

Betfair Trading: Bet Angel on an Apple iPad Pro

I am using a VPS on this video – I love my Gadgets, if it has two batteries I’ll […]

Betfair Trading: Horse Racing – Trade analysis

I had a browse of my recent Betfair trading videos and found this narrated one on a Horse Racing market […]

Betfair Trading: How expected goals (xG) should shape your opinion on future football matches

Betfair Trading: While xG (Expected goals) is a great metric for looking at in Football trading, its wrong to think […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Sorry for being positive!

When I was young I was a bit cautious and didn’t take many risks. It was a mistake. But I […]

Betfair football trading – More on Expected Goals – xG

Thanks for your comments last week on the ‘Jeff Stelling’ xG (Expected goals) video. Given the interest, I thought I […]

Bet Angel – Creating a custom ‘Make market’ Servant

Here is a quick video showing you how to replicate the make market function on the one-click screen but on […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Expected goals – xG – Why Jeff Stelling is wrong

I did a lot of analysis many years ago on how to price a football match and ended up not […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Betfair trading – Iceberg orders

You may have seen an iceberg order in a Betfair trading market at some point. In this video, we use […]

Peter Webb – Betfair trading – Unlocking a complex market problem

You may want to check your locks after this video! I often consider myself a creative problem solver than a […]

Bet Angel – Trading a Greyhound race using a Servant and custom columns

In this video we take things a step further on from the simple process of creating a custom column and […]

Bet Angel – Adding a Servant to a custom column

The custom column feature of Bet Angel is pretty neat on its own. It allows you to create a custom […]