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Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Betfair trading analysis – Horse racing

Here is an interesting trade on horse racing from this week. I tend to go against the trend, they produce […]

Bet Angel – Trading Greyhounds with a ‘Gap filling’ Servant

A quick example of using a Servant to spot and execute a trade in a market. Here I DON’T use […]

Bet Angel – Using a Servant to scale in and out of a trade

A quick video showing you how you can use a bet angel servant to scale in and out of a […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Trading the Breeders Cup & Melbourne Cup

It’s the time of year when sleep can take a back seat in favour of some quality oversea’s racing. The […]

New version of Bet Angel – How to call a servant

You can call a servant in a number of different ways. You can use the pre-defined keyboard shortcut in the […]

Bet Angel – Betfair trading – The Servant Manager

Introducing the servant manager, where you can create, edit, control and call servants. In this video, we walk you through […]

Bet Angel – New feature – What is a Servant?

The big new feature in Bet Angel is a ‘Servant’. What is a Servant, what does it do and why […]

Betfair trading with Bet Angel – Unique new feature, the ‘Servant’

After a lot of hard work, we are delighted to introduce the new version of Bet Angel which includes something […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – How to be a ‘millionaire’ Betfair trader

One advantage of sports markets on betfair is that you can turnover spectacular amounts with relatively small banks. Trading on […]

Horse racing at Moonee Valley – The Cox Plate & Winx

Tomorrow morning (UK time) we will see Winx run in the Cox Plate and despite being 10,500 miles away (at […]

Trading will change – They wont stop us…..

Somebody is trying to stop us releasing the new version of Bet Angel. They wont succeed, trading is going to […]

Betfair Trading – Predicting where prices will move – Peter Webb: Bet Angel

If you look at any betting market it will contain information on what chance the market is giving each individual […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – The ‘unofficial’ way of accessing ascot racecourse

While I love trading on Betfair I’ve also picked up a deeper interest in the underlying sports. So here is […]

Bet Angel: Change is getting nearer………..

Change is getting nearer. Soon we will release version 1.49 of Bet Angel and it will change the way you […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Betfair Trading – How to be a profitable trader

Pure, ‘real’ trading is about getting the balance behind profits and losses and that can be achieved in a number […]

New version of Bet Angel – Coming soon……..

We have a new version of Bet Angel about to be released and it’s going to change the way you […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – How to exit a trade that has gone wrong – Betfair trading

I was digging through my betfair trading videos this week and saw this one which was interesting because it has […]

Bet Angel: Fake tipsters are making profit by recommending losing bets

Tipping has never been seen in the best of light but currently, there is a lot of press around ‘tipping’ […]

Betfair trading inplay – Bet Angel – Inplay trader – Hidden aspects

You may, or may not, be familiar with the in-play trader interface. But there are a number of hidden aspects […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Trading French racing – The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

October brings a whole range of racing to the cards but quite notably the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. If […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel Software – Trading football time value

In this video, I explain more about how you can trade time using beet angel software on a football match […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel Software – Trading time value / time decay

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so… But who cares when you can trade it using trading software. Time only […]

Matched betting vs. Betfair trading – Peter Webb – Bet Angel software

The very first Betfair trading strategy I deployed was actually using bookmakers. I would get a good price from them […]

Trading strategy – Using batched orders – Scalping

When trading on Betfair you want to get one order matched then another. You can put them in at the […]