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Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Risk, Reward, Staking & My future in Betfair trading markets

Bit of a ramble, but here is a video on the limitations with sports trading markets, but also about risk […]

Betfair trading – Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Trading a ‘rush’

You can pretty much split pre-race trading on Betfair into four phases. The period before the ‘real’ money arrives. The […]

Getting Bet Angel to update ten times faster

When you first use Bet Angel you may not be aware that you can speed up the price refresh by […]

Betfair trading – Know your football? Then I’ll give you 10000 – Peter Webb – Bet Angel

A few years ago I saw an article which was titled ‘Know your football’ asking people to predict the outcome […]

Betfair trading strategy – What stakes should you use when you trade?

I’ve seen a few comments on what stakes should I use and why do I use certain stakes when I’m […]

Peter Webb – Betfair football sports trading strategy – Trading unlikely comebacks

Some Betfair football trading / sports strategies can be pretty complex, but some of the best opportunities are quite simple […]

Betfair trading – Hidden features in Bet Angel – Custom columns

Technically these are not hidden at all, but merely not commonly used or immediately in your view if you are […]

Betfair trading and financial markets interview – Peter Webb – BetAngel software

While sorting out the office this week I stumbled across a DVD I thought I had lost. It was talking […]

Betfair trading – Trading and travelling – Peter Webb

I’m conscious that I don’t want to position this as a lifestyle choice. But one of the reasons that I […]

‘Lay the draw’ – Betfair trading strategy – Bet Angel

In this video I use Bet Angel’s specialist profiling tool to examine the classic old ‘lay the draw’ betfair trading […]

Bet Angel – Football markets quick tips

During this football trading video, now the football season is back in full swing, we will show you how it’s […]

Betfair trading strategies – Trading a breakout – Peter Webb

Peter Webb using Bet Angel Betfair trading software: here is a trade using betangel from this week that is a […]

Betfair Trading: Why is trading so hard? Trading horse racing on betangel

Peter Webb – Bet Angel: I’ve often mentioned on my Betfair trading videos that as a professional trader on betangel […]

Betfair trading – Tick charts and why you may not need them! Peter Webb

We often field requests for how to switch on the last traded price charts in Bet Angel. In this video, […]

Betfair trading – Glorious Goodwood Racing – Peter Webb: Bet Angel Software

This time of year sees the high profile ‘Glorious Goodwood’ racing festival. Betfair trader Peter Webb, discusses this unique course […]

Betfair trading – What is the Perfect Trader?

What makes the perfect trader? Peter Webb, Betangel discusses. Over time I’ve figured out, there are two extremes that create […]

Betfair trading – The Open Golf championship – Peter Webb

Peter Webb from Bet Angel talks about the Open Golf championship. The Open golf is different from other majors in […]

Betfair trading – Horse racing – Trading a bounce – Peter Webb

I’ve often said that catching a bounce and going against a prevailing trend is trade that I love. So here […]

Betfair Trading – Two Tennis trades with identical entry points – Bet Angel – Peter Webb

Peter Webb explains a low-risk approach to setting up a potential Tennis trade. These two trades are only 1/2 an […]

Betfair Trading – Top five Tennis trading tips – Peter Webb

Peter Webb gives you his top five trading tips. Trading Tennis can be fun but it is often counter-intuitive. This […]

Bet Angel – Trading Wimbledon – Peter Webb

Peter Webb talks about how Wimbledon trades and how it is different from other Tennis grand slams. What out for […]

Bet Angel – Ascot trading diary – Peter Webb

Here my day by day diary of how Royal Ascot traded, it’s was vintage trading year.

Bet Angel – Finding and organising potential Tennis trades – Peter Webb

Bet Angel costs as little at 6 a month – Try Bet Angel for free – Why not compare […]

Bet Angel – Understanding how Tennis markets trade – Peter Webb

Bet Angel costs as little at 6 a month – Try Bet Angel for free – Why not compare […]