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Betfair trading – Peter Webb trading Royal Ascot

I fired up another copy of Bet Angel during Ascot week and did a ‘little’ trade for you in the […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – High profitability vs. High probability

Sometimes the best quality opportunities come from the least obvious places. Keep your eye open for betting and trading systems […]

Peter Webb, Betfair trading – Why I can’t attend Royal Ascot (yet)

Hopefully, I’ve got many more years left to enjoy the finer things in life. I do a lot of that […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Relax it’s summer

The racing on a Monday and a Tuesday drops down a gear at this time of year, apart from big […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Understanding draw bias in horse racing

Peter Webb explains what the draw bias is in horse racing. This video is linked to another video that uses […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Automated dutching

Peter Webb talks you through another piece of automation on Bet Angel. Is this video we look at using one […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Trading Royal Ascot!

Peter Webb talks about Royal Ascot Get ready for a huge week of racing as the flat season steps up […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Using automation ‘signals’

Bet Angel costs as little at 6 a month – Try Bet Angel for free – Why not compare […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – The Birth of Betfair

In my Oaks / Derby video I mentioned I would elaborate on the very first market that traded on Betfair. […]

Betfair Trading – Profiting from the early rounds in Tennis

Early rounds in a Grand Slam Tennis tournament can throw up really short odds that can present some really good […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – The Epsom Derby meeting

The Epsom Derby meeting encompasses a number of races, but one of the biggest of the year. There is always […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Best football trade of the season!

I’ve had to wait till the very last weekend of the season to get my best football trade completed. It […]

Betfair trading strategies and styles – Trading order flow

More knowledge can be a hindrance when trading. In my quest to become even better at what I do, I […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel Software – Building confidence with a simple trade

The video I uploaded last week was quite complex from a decision making perspective so I wanted to balance it […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Trade analysis from this week

Here is an interesting trade from this week. Some markets are dull and un-interesting and the video would be of […]

When Peter met Warren Buffett

Guineas weekend coincidences with the Berkshire Hathaway AGM so I’m always reminded of my pilgrimage to Omaha to meet Warren […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Newmarket Guineas weekend

After a quiet week, excluding Bank Holiday Monday we move into a busy weekend where you may need brownie points […]

How to win a random game of chance – The reveal

I promised to do a follow-up on the previous video if there was enough interest. So here is the reveal. […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Detailed narrative on a decent trend trade

I haven’t put up a full blown trade for a little while so one is overdue. This is detailed trade […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Dad Dancing and Sandown

It’s the Jumps finale this weekend at Sandown and it usually produces some good opportuntities. But I missed it two […]

What is Bet Angel trader? betfair

Bet Angel trader is a simple to use, cost effective, Betfair trading toolkit

Bet Angel – Forum update

Bet Angel is available from just 6 a month – Get 28 days of free usage here –

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Creating a simple steamer bot

I experimented recently with recording to the camera and switching to the software. I did a very simple pre-off back […]