The Badger


Showing you how to trade highly liquid one sided markets, particularly cricket and football. This is the T20 World Cup match between West Indies and Ireland

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A little piece of Old Gold here as we have found the legend that is Adam Todd doing his take on some Badger trading.

You can find the real Badger right here on –

From the Racing Traders video archive: Adam Todd, highly profitable Betfair scalper and founder of the first Betfair Trading software product BetTrader

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This video by The Badger shows you how it is possible to make $10 or £10 on every race on UK or Australian racing markets. Just a bit of research to know how he does it, and then you can make money every day, every race for as long as you like. To find out more, email him for a copy of his new racing e-book which highlights all the tips and tricks required to make it as easy as it appears. It is really is quite simple once you know how.

See how the Professionals manipulate the racing markets and how to counter it. With a bit of knowledge and a bit of courage to go the opposite way of a deluge of money. With the courage to go against the herd, you can take advantage of their market manipulation and turn it to your favour.

Showing how to scalp and average Australian horse racing markets using BetTrader Evolution

Trading the price swings on Australian horse racing markets.

What can you do when you have a 1.30 shot in a race? Here I show you how market forces react against each other in the UK racing markets

How to read the market moves on Horse Racing markets in Australia the UK on Betfair.

Here is how to hedge more than one runner in a race — Betfair Tennis Trading with the Badger using BetTrader Evolution from RacingTraders. — Using BetTrader Evolution from RacingTraders, this video shows how it does not matter what horse you choose to trade. As long as…