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Premium Charge Avoidance NOT Evasion

If you don’t understand the premium charge calculation, see this link: Over the years I’ve tried many different ways […]

Betting Strategy: The #1 Thing That Works…

Telling it as it is; there’s literally only one thing that matters with betting – if you want to win. […]

Video Pack Course: Inside Look

Take a quick peek inside. Full details here: Looking for a Betfair trading course? Here’s an insight to the […]

Geeks Toy Trading Software Video Review (for Betfair, Betdaq & Matchbook)

Endless questions about the Geeks Toy trading software (for Betfair) seem to come my way. I try to answer all […]

Stop Loss and Fill or Kill – Any Use? [Q & A]

There’s a full stop loss blog here: As attractive as the names; stop loss and fill or kill are, […]

Racing Post, BBC Sport, Pricewise: Affect Prices?

Questions like this are a common theme, do you read and follow the racing post? Or even it’s price-wise column? […]

Trading Guide: Inside Look

Take a quick peek inside. Full details here: Learning about Betfair Trading? Here’s an insight to the credentials of […]

Matchbook Traders Conference: Peter Webb, Caan Berry and Daniel Weston…

Click link: Highlights from the matchbook traders conference with Peter Webb (Bet Angel), Daniel Weston (tennis ratings) and myself. […]

Weight of Money Explanation for Newbies…

For a full, broken down explanation of weight of money check out this link: Weight of money is often […]

Simple Explanation: Cross Matching on Betfair

Cross matching on Betfair isn’t the simplest subject when you sit down and look at all the numbers, odds and […]

Racing Blogger: Trainer Form? Utter Bull$h*t…

A rare question from somebody outside of trader-world. The Racing Blogger asked a question about trainer form on Twitter earlier […]

What’s A Good Stake % Return? LIVE Trade Broken Down…

See the breakdown here: There’s not a week that goes by that somebody doesn’t ask this question, or a […]

What’s Changed? Impact on Betfairs Markets…

How have the markets evolved over the years? Should you be worried? A common theme amongst questions is that; what’s […]

Realistic Daily Targets? (Using 1,000 Bank)

What is a realistic target to have when trading Betfairs exchange markets with a 1,000 bankroll? Gary asked. I answered… […]

Learning to Trade Betfair: Outside the 9-5 | Caan Berry

If you’re learning to trade Betfair while holding down a job, it can be frustrating. Even more so if you […]


When is it time to call it quits? Recently, there’s been a few bits out there that have led me […]

Online Betting’s Horrific Truth Exposed…

Online Betting’s Horrific Truth in 2017 Sadly, 2017 has seen online betting stoop to an all-time low. Watch and share […]

PERSONAL [Q&A] Leeroy Asks… Trading & Family

Quick question from Leeroy Powell on the Facebook page. Trading and family life can be tough, particularly as you’re learning. […]

[Q&A] Chris Asks A Smart Question… How Many?

Something that’s not often widely discussed. Although an interesting factor that contributes to price action within the markets. Today I […]

BETFAIR GRAPHS: 3 Key Points (How to Read a Graph)

Reading Betfair graphs and charts confuse many. You’ll see why in this clip, along with getting a fuller understanding of […]

When’s the BEST Time to Trade?

There’s many ways to trade a market. With so many variables it becomes even harder to know when you want […]

Cheltenham Festival 2017 – Trading Advice…

Cheltenham is always a cracker to trade. Added liquidity, media hype and some huge gambles. It’s going to be a […]

Santa Puts William Hill on Naughty List… Spyware, Gubbing, ieSnare #brokenbookmaking

William Hill is put on the naughty list this year and ordered a lump of coal! Along with various others […]

Matched Betting, Arbitrage, Betfair Trading. How to Win in Betting…

Matched Betting, Arbitrage, Betfair Trading. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, there’s money in all of them… But the key […]