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Betdaq v Betfair: Has Betdaq Liquidity Increased?

Betdaq v Betfair: which one do you use? why? has Betdaq liquidity increased much recently? Lets have a look…. Choosing […]

Betfair Trading Courses Question – [Followers Q&A] Caan Berry

Sign Up Here For Notifications – A while a go I announced I’d get around to creating some Betfair […]

How To Rescue a Trade When it Goes Wrong – [Q&A] Caan

People don’t like losing. That’s understandable but you can’t afford to get it wrong when it comes to making mistakes. […]

Scalping Betfair – Most Common Mistakes Answered – Follower Q&A

Scalping Betfair is one of the easiest ways to start trading. But only if you get a couple of crucial […]

Burnt Fingers? Monday Trading – Why’s it Different?

Why is it Mondays are often painful to trade? Many don’t like them so much but in this Followers Q […]


Another case of bookmakers in 2016. Will it ever stop? See what happened with BetBright & Stan James here: SJ: […]

How To Trade LOW Liquidity Markets on Betfair

Here I show you how to properly equip yourself to deal with trading low liquidity markets on the betting exchanges. […]

How I Do My Tennis Trading Research

Having some statistical data to refer to in the tennis markets is extremely useful, particularly if you don’t watch a […]

Trading Time-Frames – When Races Clash! [Q&A]

Busy race days can be chaotic at the best of times. When a race is delayed and races begin over-lap […]

[Increasing Stakes] Same Trading, Bigger Profits – Followers Q&A

Increasing stakes once you have a consistent edge is one of the most attractive things about trading. Andy poses an […]

FREE Betfair Traders Give-Away Worth 700+

Watch this to find out how YOU can win a whole load of useful products to improve your trading. There’s […]

Race Scheduling: The Impact on Results – Anonymous Question

Twitter follower asks the question about race scheduling, the difference between daytime and evening racing markets on Betfair. Submit your […]

Which Races Do You AVOID? Followers Q & A

It’s not uncommon for newer traders to find their edge but then burn the profits on applying it to the […]

RISK FREE Tennis Trading on Betfair Answer…

Following this post earlier in the week; There’s been a flurry of questions from followers. Hopefully this clears them […]

[Q & A] Dealing With The Pressure Of Trading For A Living

2 Weeks to find the rent diary – Trading for a living while having limited funds is not a […]

My Geeks Toy Explained Step By Step – Caan Berry

Users requested I explain my Geeks Toy setup in the most basic way possible due to the fast moving markets […]

[Screen Recording] SIMPLE Betfair Trade of 70 PROFIT – Caan Berry

Simple Betfair trade of 70 profit, before the start of the race. Shown through a screen recording from earlier in […]

Horse Racing Form: Does It Influence My Trades? Followers Q & A

Does horse racing form have an impact on my trades? Recent question from follower Laurence promts me to answer the […]

What to do when BIG stakes enter the market – Followers Q & A (Liam)

Frustrated by big stakes last minute? When scalping it can be the most annoying thing to happen! Here’s a question […]

Trading Two Exchanges At Once – Q & A Followers

Paul asks about trading more than one betting exchange at once. Here’s what I had to say in response… […]

How Important Are Streaming Pictures To Betfair Trading? – Followers Q & A – How important is it to have live streaming pictures of the horse racing when attempting to trade the […]

The Simplest Way To Win Consistently – Followers Q & A (2 comments)

People often over-complicate the situation, it’s in human nature. But the real way to succeed with trading Betfair and Betdaq […]

Cheltenham Festival: Betfair Trading – What to Expect and Avoid – #CheltenhamFestival – Q & A

Follower asks what to expect at the Cheltenham Festival and how to go about trading it. I answer here in […]