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Started this trade as a video for the 1.5 option on the LTD but things turned out different and the late goal gave us an extra £50 profit.

Shame it was in training mode but I chose this game for goals on site so was always a risk of an early goal and there was so turned the trade around

The sound is poor at the end but on the 3rd goal i stayed in hoping for a late goal. I had basically a free play on it for £50 and the goal came very nice.

Sorry about the sound towards the end!!

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The trade that doesn’t go to plan but still made into green

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Quick Tennis Scalp

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Traded this game one way then another with great results.Excuse the Yorkshire Accent ;-)

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Nightmare when things go wrong.

United decide to have there biggest away win in the c/l ever and it costs me!!

Nice scalp of the scores and even after ht lay loss still nice profit as traded live in chat room

Nice Result On The Score Scalp But Forgot To Set The Audio!

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Nice Result On The Score Scalp Even After A Cock Up On My Part Having To Go Out For Five Mins Feel Free To Visit My Site Below

Different way of scalping a low scaring early on game nice profits after 15 mins

Nice easy early trade match time five mins and look at the profit!! Love NFL

Scoring scalp different way to play the game if you think it will be low scoring early on shame i didnt do as i wanted and say in the half time lay as well but nice

Tough Game To Trade But We End Up With A Nice Profit In The End

Part two when a phone call nafs my trade up but recover nicely

Match Odds Scalp And Lay HT Draw With Correct Scores

Laying the over 3.5 goals and using the correct score market to play one against the other nice profits and shows that patience pays dividends!!

Not the easiest of games to trade with two early goals but still ended in a green position.

NFL is back time for some profits!! nice easy trade £100 up before end of second qtr

Over 3.5 lay and correct score scalp which i cocked up on but recovered

Nice easy trade on the over 3.5 lay and bit of extra profit on the scores

Under 3.5 lay for first 20 mins but a goal after 15 how we recover to end up with a decent profit