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Betfair Tennis trading – How to set up your trading screen

When trading Tennis I’ll tend to set up my screen up as follows, or something similar. Doing so allows me […]

Betfair trading – Low risk Tennis trade

In the early rounds of Tennis tournaments you can get some uncompetitive matches. You can still trade these are relatively […]

Betfair Tennis trading – Using (the many available) statistics

This is a brief discussion on some publicly available stats. It’s aimed more at newbies to Tennis trading. A lot […]

Swansea v Man United 30-8-15

Little strategy employed works well when goals expected and come.

Night in the IPT Green Room

Best Inplay place to be on the net for trading football. We make money, learn how to trade and have […]

Betfair trading – A losing trade

Further to my other video about dealing with losses here is a losing trade from last week. I recorded a […]

Betfair trading – Dealing with losses – Peter Webb – Bet Angel

Everybody has losses and you can’t avoid them, but how you deal with them is important. I view losses as […]

Betfair trading – High speed ladder trading settings

I’ve had a few queries in the inbox about what settings do I use on the ladder as mine seems […]

Welcome Paddy Power customers – To the Betfair betting exchange

We hear you Paddy Power customers, you are fed up with traditional bookmakers and want to use an exchange; here […]

How to make money by winning the lottery jackpot – by finding the right winning numbers

How to win the lottery or lotto depending on which country you come from! Everybody dreams of winning the jackpot […]

The IPT Scanner Overview

From 21st August including recent upgrades made.

Scanner and Chatroom

This is where we make our money with the help of the brilliant Inplay Scanner.

Football Trading Strategy on Betfair – By Caan Berry – How to trade Football Pre-Match on Betfair. By Pro trader Caan Berry. A simple Football trading strategy to […]

Betfair trading – Lower your risk, don’t chase your position!

I just recorded a bunch of new videos. This is an excerpt from one of those videos. It’s a good […]

Betfair trading – Using Bet Angel – Football tips and tricks

With the start of the football season you probably want to know how to get all the markets into Bet […]

Premier league – Where will my team finish in the league?

Predicting the likely finishing position of your football team in the league is actually a fairly straight forward, if slightly […]

Taking A Controlled Loss Twitter @Itsamugsgame Not every trade is a winning one. It’s important to remember that! But having some control is […]

Prematchtrading and Inplay Scanner Tools

New season, new upgrades, new offers and new profits, ;0)

Prematchtrading and Inplay Scanner Tools

New season, new upgrades, new offers and new profits, ;0)

Managing Your Position In The Market

Another video to show the importance of having a clear exit strategy once you are in the market. Again following […]

Always Have An Exit Strategy

Following on from the recent excellent BetAngel video demonstrating the key tactic for exiting your trade, here is the first […]

Betfair trading – Low risk exit strategy

You need to open and close positions in the market. I often feel that exiting is key. Obviously you will […]

Betfair makes significant changes to football markets

This is a curious one. Cross matching has been around for a few now, but Betfair have expanded it to […]

Back to Lay as suggested on Twitter/Facebook – Caan Berry

Another back to lay as suggested on twitter. See other vids for more.