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Racing Post Tips Help: PRICEWISE…

A quick video about the racing post tips, pricewise and well… answering a followers question. Do you follow the racing […]

Why Use Training Mode? (Newbie Question)

Training mode: boring right? Apparently not… a common question that’s probably on plenty of new traders mind. Caan addresses one […]

Peter Webb – Trade analysis / How not to go in-play on Bet Angel

Further to my video called ‘This video will stop you going in-play’ this video discusses a number of things, including […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Top five tips for getting a winner at the Grand National

The Grand National is the one race a year that everybody asks for a gambling tip on. But it’s the […]

Trading Freedom: Winning on the Move (Foreign Countries)

Quality question in this weeks Q & A about trading on the move. The freedom of trading from different locations […]

Betting Bank – How big should it be

Betting Banks …. How much should the betting bank be? Letssss … Talk about it

SUPERIOR Trading: Escape the Pain… (Best Question Yet)

Need to get the edge? It helps if you’re not holding yourself back for a start. In this followers question […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – This video will stop you going in-play

Going in-play and dumping a big proportion of your trading bank is a cardinal sin in pre-off horse racing trading. […]

Large fields and bookmaker prices – Just place a bet on the exchange!

I did a video last week about how to calculate book values and therefore the percentage being retained by a […]

US Masters – Betfair Trading – Weekend golf markets

Betfair Trading the US Masters and in fact any golf major, presents a range of opportunities. At the start of […]

Estimated Queue Position Explained (Followers Q & A)

Have you tried the estimated queue function? Did you even know it’s there? Here’s a quick but concise one about […]

Why I QUIT Matched Betting for Betfair Trading [& Which Is Better?]

Matched Betting or Betfair trading? What is more lucrative? We look at the reasons for and against each money making […]

DOBBING STRATEGY: (Pointers to Follow)

Tried dobbing? Discussed inside this Q & A – the commonly referred to dobbing strategy. Here’s an article that will […]

The only way to win at betting in the long run – Explained

This goes hand in hand with this video here: – There is only one way you can win long-term […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Betting on football conference

I recently attended the betting on football conference at Chelsea Football club / Stamford Bridge. It’s not really a consumer-facing […]

How to be a bookie – How bookmakers make money from your betting

Everybody says that only the bookmakers win, so how do they win? When you place a bet with a bookie […]

Do I Ever Bet?

A surprise question from Shane about betting in general… Do you just bet? Have you found a useful way to […]

Arsenal v Watford High Draw Inflation

Profits before kick off being used as insurance after kick off to maximise profits.

Easter trading markets – Horse Racing

Easter is an interesting time for the markets. Some meetings are pretty decent but others not so. Here is some […]

Racing UK Showing Irish Horse Racing? [Q & A]

Racing UK is the premium horse racing channel in the uk. But things are due to change – Irish horse […]

️⚽️⬇️Trading Under 2.5 Goals On Betfair – 3 Profitable Strategies + EXIT Methods

This video shows you how to trade Under 2.5 Goals On Betfair profitably. – – – – – – – […]

Long Term Profitability as a Sports Trader:

Every sports trader wants to stay in the game, right? In this clip I respond to Neil, a committed sports […]

1 Simple Football Scalp

As i was discussing in chat heres a first video, ill try and do some more and some with recovery