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Example of a Betfair football trading strategy which went right when it should have gone wrong! – – – – […]

#Cheltenham Festival Trading [Q & A]

Day one and the #Cheltenham Festival is underway. Followers Q & A ! Follow my sports trading journey here: […]

How to win on all 28 races on the Cheltenham Festival

This video supplements the promotion that Betdaq is running during the Cheltenham festival. You can view details of the promotion […]

Why is LIQUIDITY So Important?

When it comes to trading betting exchanges, liquidity is king. In fact, without it not a lot else matters. In […]

Bet Angel for Betdaq – Betdaq trading software

In line with Betdaq running a trading promotion at Cheltenham. Here is a whistle-stop tour of Bet Angel for Betdaq. […]

3 Part Question: Trading TAX for Sports Traders

Anxious about paying tax on your winnings if you should trade full time? A commonly asked question in both the […]

Peter Webb, Bet Angel – Cheltenham trading summary

For those of you who have not experienced Cheltenham before here is a quick summary of the meeting and how […]

Peter Webb – Cheltenham 2017 – Trading highlights and information

Rather than go through all the stats again, like in previous years. This year I have edited together some of […]

Top 3 Sports Trading Strategies…

A quick Q & A about the top 3 trading strategies to focus on when arriving in the markets as […]


Trading in running using a one tick offset strategy on BetTrader. There are hidden benefits to using one tick where […]

How To Lay The Draw and WIN! £328 profit in 12 minutes! [Betfair Football Trading]

The secret behind profiting from Betfair’s Lay The Draw strategy finally revealed! – – – – – – – – […]

Low Risk Betfair Trading Strategies – Caan Berry

Follow my sports trading journey here: ? Subscribe to my channel here: Caan Berry successful Betfair […]

Laying the Draw: Football Trading Strategy…

Most people have heard of laying the draw in football. But one follower has a question about the football trading […]

Simple Arbitrage Betting Strategy [Followers Q & A]

Stacey asks for an easy way to generate a profit as she learns about trading. Having already dipped her toes […]

Betfair trading – How to find an edge in the markets

You need an edge in any market to make money. I’ve managed to maintain my edge over a huge number […]

Trading on Betfair for a Living [Followers Q & A]

A typical question for those who are considering doing this for a full time living. On this followers Q & […]

Scalping Module: Inside Look

Take a quick peek inside. Full details here: Learning to Scalp? Here’s an insight to the credentials of a […]

Celta Vigo v Eibar

Tutorial video trading the Under/Over 1.5 and 3.5 markets before kick off using the PMT tool from

Fear of Missing Out: Trading Psychology [Q & A]

Trading psychology is under-rated when it comes to manual trading on the betting exchanges. In fact it’s probably the same […]

Premium Charge Avoidance NOT Evasion

If you don’t understand the premium charge calculation, see this link: Over the years I’ve tried many different ways […]

💰Lay The Draw “Football Trading” Strategy: How To Pick The MOST Profitable Matches

This video shows how to pick the best matches for Lay The Draw strategy. All is finally revealed.. – – […]

[Betfair Football Trading] Lay The Draw Strategy BEST Entry Point REVEALED!

Watch this video to discover the best entry point for the lay the draw strategy! Download your FREE football trading […]

Betting Strategy: The #1 Thing That Works…

Telling it as it is; there’s literally only one thing that matters with betting – if you want to win. […]