Dutch Trading With In-play Scalping

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While backing up my system recently I came across a number of videos from last year showing my experiments with mixing strategies in the same event. For some reason I hadn’t uploaded them to YouTube.

Fresh from reviewing them, I thought I’d retry the technique with a couple of modifications on a couple of races at Kempton this evening.

I won’t go into details preferring to leave it to the viewer to work out what I’m doing. In essence, I’m using the in-running scalping technique to reduce the liability on a pre-race dutch. You can review the in-running and dutching videos in the channel if you are unsure what I’m on about.


A couple of excellent results though the jury is still out regarding long term profitability.

If I get time I’ll upload the original experimental videos as some may find them useful as well as a few repeating the process shown here.

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