Douglas McWilliams: The Economy & Its Affect On Betting

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Another recorded session from the 2017 Matchbook Traders Conference, which bought together the most influential people in betting. From leading academics to legendary gambling icons, to discuss the future of betting.

Economist Douglas McWilliams discusses how in a time of massive upheaval, the Irish, UK and world economies are likely to be completely different in 10-15 years and what that means for the general public and sports bettors specifically.

Douglas McWilliams is one of Europe’s foremost economic forecasters and has been called today’s equivalent of John Maynard Keynes or Adam Smith. His book ‘The Flat White Economy’ was reviewed as the best book on the British economy in the past 50 years and he is regarded as one of the most accurate and perceptive analysts of macroeconomic trends, specialising in making economic theory relevant to real world issues.

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