Moving From Online Poker To Sports Trader

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This week I’m back again to bring you Betcast episode 12 which takes a look at what it’s like to make the transition from being a professional online poker player to a professional sports trader on Betfair. It’s a particularly interesting topic for me given my background in online poker and on the show I’m joined by former online poker pro Sammy who now trades tennis on Betfair for a living.

Before we did the interview Sammy told me he was worried about his English being a problem on the show. I’m sure you’ll agree, once you’ve listened of course, that his English is pretty darn good… a heck of a lot better than my Swedish (which is totally no existent).

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We kick start this show by talking about Sammy and how he got into playing online poker and then quickly move on to talk about why he transitioned into sports trading and how he managed to get off to such a good start in such a small space of time. Sammy managed to hit the first level of premium charge after just 7 months as a pro sports trader on Betfair and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

From there we move on to talk about how winning poker players can adapt to sports trading and some transferable skills. We also take a look at some traits of being a poker player which might hold you back when trading – this section is well worth a listen if you’re thinking of moving across. Variance is also covered in depth in this section of the show as we talk about the difference in variance between sports trading and online poker and how to deal with it.

To round the show up Sammy gives some tips for new sports traders and people thinking of giving trading a go who have a background in online poker. The points he makes about having an edge are golden and even seasoned traders should get plenty from this section of the show. Bankroll management is also covered, as is the role of stats in trading.

You Will Hear:

- A bit of background info about today’s guest.
- How he quickly went from beginners to the first level of premium charge in just 7 months.
- What you should be doing and how much you should be betting once you find your edge.
- About how being a winning poker player can impact on your trading.
- How to approach your bankroll management.
- The role of stats in tennis trading.
- How you can and should be ‘multi-tabling’ trading in the same way as you do poker.


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