Multi Market Automated Trading On Betfair

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When we first created Bet Angel it was a simple manual trading tool but we soon added Guardian to allow you search, manage and trade multiple markets while retaining certain elements of automating your trade.

Since then we have massively expanded Bet Angel and specifically the Guardian functionality.

Guadian isn’t just a tool for looking at different markets it can now trade them via a spreadsheet or using the advanced automation feature fully automatically in the background while you trade a main market.

You can run multiple elements of automation on different sports doing different things at the same time.

You can even have it working on spreadsheets, automation and watch lists simultaneously vastly expanding the scale and scope of what you do.

This video just gives you a quick overview of it working together but there are already tons of videos on each part of this functionality. There are also a lot of automated rules files available for you to download and experiment with in the forum.

Greenuptv have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional version of the software and the new Betangel Trader edition too (details here)

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