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What can you do when you have a 1.30 shot in a race? Here I show you how market forces react against each other in the UK racing markets

How to read the market moves on Horse Racing markets in Australia the UK on Betfair. offers some thoughts on how to find profitable opportunities each day, based on the trainers who have entries at that day’s meetings.

This surprisingly simple approach can be extremely effective, and shouldn’t be overlooked just because of its simplicity. Backing trainer-track combination has been the backbone of my own betting for more than ten years.

This video shows you how to use to identify horses with market confidence behind them.

This is more than just ‘bookie A reports money for horse B’, and has some subtle nuances. But the paybacks for around ten minutes ‘work’ a day can be handsome.

Here is how to hedge more than one runner in a race

The PMT chat room and advised trades. PMT used with strategies from make a powerful armoury.

Selecting a horse race and laying the field strategy

As time passes odds move to reflect the increased / descreased chance of a score happening. When that happens you can profit by scalping that time value. You…

Our new Automated tool & Chat Room.


What is

Automatic trading in the background will free up your time to do something else. This video shows you how to trade automatically.

Bet Angel’s Guardian tool will allow complex automation. This video shows you how to create a rule and the various options available to do so.

a short preview. To view full version go to

Our Shirley tool spot a game with high DI. Let’s take advantage.

Some pointers for nipping and out of the 1.5 market first 10-15 mins.

PMT also shows us how to profit in Match Odds via the Draw Inflation %.

This video is for the complete beginner who wants to make money betting on football games, horses or tennis; learn how to use the ladder to trade on betting exchanges eg Betfair and make money no matter what the outcome is. The software is the Geek’s Toy trading software. Although the market is football, the ladder is the same whether it’s horses, football or tennis… or in fact Formula 1, elections or X Factor!

No trading strategies are given in this video.

Covers backing, laying, the ladder, hedging/greening up and placing orders.

How we played the markets & won a free sports bet thanks to this great offer.

See how we made over £14 at the click of a mouse thanks to a great little offer over at William Hill.

Look –

We are and this is what we do. Every single day of the week.

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The 1-0 was too low and the 1-1 was too high. Watch them adjust as our superb PMT stated.

14 mins covering 2 games showing how to Scalp the HT correct score market.

Cracking little offer from William Hill than netted us over £16 profit in under 10 minutes.

This is what we do at, day in / day out.

Come and see for yourself at

An insight to the Green Room and Shoutbox on both sites where regular £££ are made for and by our members.

Join us at and where you will find profitable opportunities every single day of the week.

With free £££ made before a ball is kicked you can be left with as good as a free trade using strats from And whilst on this occasion…

Hello from Here is another look at our fantastic new trade finding search tool, MarketMatcher, which has been receiving rave reviews a…