Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Sorry For Being Positive!

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When I was young I was a bit cautious and didn’t take many risks. It was a mistake. But I eventually learnt it wasn’t my fault and that, in reality, I had been victim to other peoples motives.

Eventually, I managed to break out of that mode of thinking and way of life and never looked back.

I’ve done so many amazing things and met so many amazing people but none of it would have happened if I hadn’t been prepared to take a bit of risk and open some doors. Betfair trading and Bet Angel wouldn’t have been created if I hadn’t have done this.

That thinking led to understand investment, trading and trading Betfair better. But it has also positively influenced what I do and that’s why I always talk positively. The lesson in the story, don’t let others stifle your creativity and energy.

If they do, walk away from them because you are on the wrong path.

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