Peter Webb – Why I Can’t Attend Royal Ascot (yet)

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Hopefully, I’ve got many more years left to enjoy the finer things in life. I do a lot of that already, but just not on the most important weeks of the year.

A decent week at Ascot is worth a significant number of days of normal racing for me, so it’s a key focal point. You will have seen the same on the Grand National, The Derby and all the other big races.

Putting aside the monetary reward, I enjoy trading and the challenges it brings and I’ve really driven to be the best I can at what I do. That means putting in a lot of work when required and making the odd sacrifice.

Focusing on the big meetings leaves me tons of time and space to explore all the other things I want without feeling I’ve missed out on anything.

Skipping a big meeting and having to try and make up time and money on smaller fare doesn’t feel like an option to me. So hitting the big meetings hard allows me to create that time and space without impacting my goals.

Not only that, I feel it’s important for my followers and users of Bet Angel that you know I have enough faith in the product to make full use of it during these pivotal weeks.

That’s why I’ll put so much energy into trading Royal Ascot this week.

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