ScoreGrid Platform User Guide Video

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This video is a user guide of the unique ScoreGrid betting platform for betting in betfair exchange market. Score Grid Platform simplifies the complexity of mixing and matching single bets among different markets in a particular football game.

Score Grid presents potential betting choices among different markets and illustrates the net profit or loss at every possible score of the game. The most important benefit of this application is the ability to determine the most profitable combinations of bets across different football markets.

BSG is a simple and easy to use, one-click betting app, designed for Microsoft Windows.

Key Features

- The FIRST Soccer Betting platform based on current score
- One-click betting in a score grid format
- Relate HT to FT bets
- Combinations of different markets — bet placement in one step
- Cash-out calculator
- Half Time assistant tool
- Real-time Betfair prices
- Navigation through different games at the same time
- Pre-game training / practice mode
- Free demo version
- Automatic updates
- User guide
- On-line support
- Pricing packages – free demo, subscription packages

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