Live PreMatch Football Betfair Trading Research – What questions do you ask your trades on Betfair?

Learn the easy way to narrow down football trades so that you get the best trading opportunities by looking at exactly what you need to look at for the best trades on Betfair.

Within every day there are so many possible trades, how do you narrow them down and what kind of questions do you need to be asking of the trades?

8pm Celta Vigo v Bilbao

The first stat that really screams out to me here is Bilbao’s form away from home it is poor. I have Celta Vigo around 1.67 to win this, they are currently 2.5 on Betfair, huge value potentially but for that trade to be profitable what would have to happen?

A lot of people are thinking about my thought procces right now and what I am looking for so hopefully I will be able to help you here, I have added a couple of my initial queries to get past before I research more….

Well Celta Vigo need to take the lead – if I am going to get into this trade from a point in the first half, after the first period of settling in 15/20mins so for that to happen, what do I need the answers to:

1) Well Celta Vigo would need good stats on scoring first?
2) Also Bilbao need to show me that they concede first?
3) Celta Vigo home form
4) Bilbao away form

The answers to these Q’s rule this trade out…

1) Celta Vigo score first 50% of the time
2) Bilbao concede first 55% of the time
3) Celta Vigo’s H form not good enough to warrant this trade – 2 wins in last 5
4) Bilbao’s is poor last 5 games and was good enough for the trade 3 losses and 2 draws

My thought was that if Celta Vigo were initially value and they scored first a high % chance and Bilbao conceded first a lot of the time it would warrant my time to dig deeper.

What’s your thought process when looking at trades?


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