Risking overstaking to build you Betfair bank faster? A lack of discipline could cost you…

We’ve all been there, we have looked at a trade on Betfair that looked amazing, we have checked whats in our Betfair account and put a huge % of our bank on this coming trade because we feel confident in this trade, we feel confident on it out of pure hope rather than a solid trading plan and we are driven by greed, because this trade will come in, we know it will and when it does it will add a huge % to our trading bank which means we will be able to make more in the future and then BANG a goal goes against us or our player is broken on their serve….

If you have been feeling that utter dread, that dread in the pit of your stomach because you don’t have the discipline when trading on Betfair that leads you to over staking because you thought you could build your bank faster because that would get you closer to your goals then this is the video for you.

This video forms a series of videos and blog posts on this topic of Betfair Trading and mentality.

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