Will you be Betfair Trading the Football Summer Leagues?

In this video I explain why you shouldstop trading on Betfair when the winter leagues are over, there is so many oppotunites to trade the summer leagues on Betfair.

Some interesting stats are:

Premier League Over 2.5% 52% Average goals 2.85
Ligue 1 Over 2.5% 47% Average goals 2.5
Bundesliga Over 2.5% 62% Average goals 3.12
Serie A Over 2.5% 52% Average goals 2.71
La Liga Over 2.5% 46% Average goals 2.54
Singapore Over 2.5% 45% Average goals 2.73
MLS Over 2.5% 57% Average goals 3.1
Allsvenskan Over 2.5% 52% Average goals 2.72
Eliteserien Over 2.5% 54% Average goals 2.8
Urvalsdeild Over 2.5% 57% Average goals 2.9

Now tell me you cannot make the trading work during the summer leagues?

Link to my research………… http://bit.ly/2I0u6RR

Let me know what you think about my research and what your plan will be for trading football markets post may….


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