Digitex Futures Exchange VS Traditional Futures Exchanges

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Digitex Futures is not only a Crypto Currency Futures Exchange but its a Commodities Futures Exchange as well. In this video we explain the benefits of the DGTX Exchange and why traditional futures traders from exchanges such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( CME ) Chicago Board Of Trade ( CBOT ) and the New York Mercantile Exchange( NYMEX ) should all migrate on over to Digitex!

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What is Digitex futures ?

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The Digitex ExchangeNon-Custodial, Zero-Fee Futures Exchange
The Digitex Futures Exchange is a revolutionary new futures exchange
that will offer traders zero-fee, real-time trading combined with non-custodial account balances.
The exchange is a hybrid that combines the speed and reliability of a centralized order matching engine with the security of decentralized account balances. For the first time, traders will enjoy real-time futures trading with instant, on-chain settlement, without the long delays, costs and other drawbacks of truly decentralized exchanges.

Plasma Protocol
Digitex is at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, working closely with members of the Plasma core development team. When Plasma is fully integrated into the Digitex Futures Exchange traders will be able to place real-time, on-chain trades that are instantly recorded on a fully verifiable Ethereum side-chain.
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Disclaimer: NOTHING in this video is financial advice. This is what i am doing,this is NOT a recommendation to buy,hold or sell. I invest into crypto currencies because i love it and i truly believe its a technology that will shape and the world forever! I repeat i am NOT a financial adviser but simply a crypto fanatic PLEASE D.Y.O.R when investing into any crypto currencies, THANK YOU 🙂 #DGTX #FuturesMarket #DigitexFutures

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