Leganes v Levante 7th May 2018

Profits before kick off using the PMT tool taken inplay to make ££££. Note how the Draw dropped and the […]

Profitable football trading tools to use, Verona v Spal Low Draw Inflation %

Two excellent tools to enhance users Betfair and bookmaker accounts.

Arsenal v Watford High Draw Inflation

Profits before kick off being used as insurance after kick off to maximise profits.

Profiting before ko using the PMT tool

using the brilliant award winning PMT tool for profiting before a ball is kicked.

Using Trading Tools

PMT and IPT Scanner, the perfect combo for trading football matches.

Prematch and Inplay trades

Using prematch profits as insurance Inplay to increase profits.

Scalping the 0-0 prematch Romania v Albania

PMT shows us how and what to trade before the game begins.

Ukraine v N Ireland

Some pointers on how to trade the market before kick off.

Scalping the 1 5 market England v Wales

How to make profits before kick off then using that money to maximise profits inplay.

Prematchtrading and Inplay Scanner Tools

New season, new upgrades, new offers and new profits, ;0)

Bradford v Reading Under/Over 1.5 and cs markets

Scalping the Under/Over 1.5 and a couple of scores

TTH Promo

TTH promo. A new tool that offers arbing opportunities and horse markets win/place misalignments.

Trading the 1-1 scoreline

Trading the 1-1 before kick off. What to look for in conjunction with the draw etc.

Easy strategies to employ using the Inplay Scanner

Using the Inplay Scanner from http://www.inplaytrading.com. Top bit of kit.

Besiktas v Arsenal Under 1.5 trading before ko.

Scalping the U/O 1.5 market with tips/pointers etc before the game kicks off.

Switzerland v France

Examples on how markets move and what to look for.

Scalping U/Over 2.5 market

Using the PMT tool to spot misalignments on the Betfair exchange.

LTD plus Under 2 5 strategy

Short video showing our sister site at http://www.inplaytrading.com and a strategy used to make profits for games after kick off.

Scanner strats examples

New video showing a technique often used to ‘stagger’ Lays using the In-Play Scanner

Scanner example games

Couple of games showing some ideas/strats to make profitable trades using the In-Play Scanner.

Scanner tutorial

How to get the max use and benefits from the new In-Play Scanner

In-Play Scanner

The new In-Play Scanner which allows the user to see In-Play stats in front of him all on one page […]