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We don’t like cricket…We love it! Especially the IPL. Is cricket the best sport to trade on Betfair? We think […]

Should professional Betfair traders post their trading results?

By the time this video is published Royal Ascot will have just finished and it’s almost inevitable, I posted a […]

Betfair Tennis Trading – Split your stake

I often advice people to split their stake into 3 parts. This means you are not committing yourself too early. […]

Boxed In

Showing how to look for a horse that is boxed in and trade it knowing the price shouldn’t go down […]

#1 Meet The Betfair Trading Community Members – Dave Jessop

I want to champion the amazing Betfair Traders that we have at Betfair Trading Community #Betfairtrading Here at Betfair Trading […]


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Use the ladder figures to exit your position so you can see exactly how much your bet will be and […]


Race reading is a crucial part of being able to trade the right horse. You need to pick one with […]

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I take a look at yesterday’s matches including the semi final with Djokovic and Thiem and also the women’s final. […]

Key Betfair trading days, four weddings and a funeral

If you trade on sports markets there are key days that you can not miss and days of the week […]


Selecting a horse is not just horse and jockey body language. It is based on the position in the race, […]

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A look ahead to the Women’s Final. Barty v Vondrousova. We will have a first time slam winner today! If […]

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Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you are actually trading on Betfair? You feel you have […]

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This is the type of thing I look for when laying horses in running. This is one of the more […]

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Our philosophy with Bet Angel is not only to give you the best Betfair trading software but to make it […]


The tick offset tool can be used to advantage when prices move like lightning on the ladder.

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