Betfair betting exchange – Betfair premium charge explained – Part two

Here is part two of the Betfair premium charge discussion that I promised. I’ve tried to create a balanced view of it so you can see it from all angles, but obviously, I’d prefer if it never existed. However, I also discuss why it exists.

This video focuses on the charge itself and how it affects me, but also the type of people that tend to get captured by it.

Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of people that have views on the premium charge may not actually pay it. A reasonable number pay the lower rate charge, but have never qualified on ANY of the criteria of the higher rate charge. It’s just seen as a badge of honour, which they shouldn’t wear.

Views are generally negative on the charge, especially the higher rate charges. But it’s much worse for people like me that couldn’t do anything about it. We got really stung!

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