Betfair football trading – Profiting from the premier league title race

Here is a different sort of Betfair trading opportunity. This one involves football markets, Liverpool FC and the Premiership title race.

I first documented this type of trade waaaaaay back in 2005 when I wrote a magazine article on it and similar trades. While this Betfair trade is on football, it is found a lot in competitions where there are staggered start times and requires a bit of lateral thinking. Tennis markets and many other sports can uncover profitable trades like this.

You just need to think ahead a bit on what is about to happen and how it could affect a secondary dependent market and in what way.

If you can find a depedent market and the pay off is reasonable, then the trade is on. Here is a recenty example of this type of trade.

On this occasion, even after the result was known the market continued to react.


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