Peter Webb – ‘Wagering’ in the USA – US Sportsbooks review

During a trip to the US I visited Carson City, the capital city of Nevada where US legislation for that state is enacted.

It was part of my continuing journey to see how gambling and betting, or wagering as they say in the US, could be liberalised and whether there is a future for betting exchanges in that legislation.

Just up the road from Carson City is Reno, Nevada and here I thought I would take a look at the US sportsbooks.

Casinos are not the same as they used to be, they tend to be packed with slot machines, at least they are in Reno and probably elsewhere. But there are few gaming tables left and then, of course, I had to do a sportsbook review.

The sportsbooks are a bit different from the smoke-filled bookmaker’s establishments of the UK. But unlike UK bookies they are a lot smarter and more oriented to comfort and a few beers.

But unlike their UK counterparts, there is virtually no technology in place for place bets, no trading and no betting exchanges… Yet!


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