BETFAIR TRADING: 3 Pro’s 1 Day (Full Highlights)

Betfair trading is the practice of placing different types of bets, both back and lay on the same selection to generate a profit. See this video for the full highlights of our Betfair trading event, sponsored by the worlds largest exchange.

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We decided to create this event to help and connect aspiring exchange traders from all around the country (some even came from abroad).

Our motive was simple; to educate those who want to take their trading to the next level whilst bringing the trading community together. It was the perfect setting to exchange different Betfair trading strategies and systems.

Trading Betfair for a living can be a lonely task, as Carl say’s within the video – not many people get it.

Watching Betfair trading videos is good, but meeting those who do it professionally and being able to pick their brain directly was the kicker for many who attended.

Find out what they had to say on the link below…

Betfair Trading Day Testimonials:

Full Playlist:

Betfair Trading Speakers:

Steve Howe: known as mugs game online, Steve is a professional horse racing and football trader of 14 years. He runs courses and assists aspiring traders several times a year via his workshop.

Caan Berry: the channel author regularly blogs and helps new traders on his community forum via his site through various formats.

Mark Iverson: found on social media as markyiverson he has spend many years trading the cricket markets on Betfair. An expert in his field and no stranger to Betfair trading.

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