What’s A Good Stake % Return? LIVE Trade Broken Down

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There’s not a week that goes by that somebody doesn’t ask this question, or a similar one. What is a good return on your stakes when trading Betfair?

It’s an incredibly tricky one to answer? So there was only one solution really…

To show you!

In this Betfair trading video I’ll show you a half-decent return for the stakes used. £25 per click and a maximum of 4 clicks at any one point in time.

You don’t need a huge trading bank when you start learning to trade in order to make a reasonable profit, within a short space of time on Betfairs exchange!

Note: I’ve been doing this for some time, it’s just an expression of my own trades and therefore does not mean it would be so easy for a new viewer to do straight away. Successful trading requires dedication and some degree of experience.

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