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Betfair Trading vs Matched Betting – What are the main differences?

Martyn on the forum asked this week what the differences were between Betfair Trading and Matched Betting so this seemed […]

Road to profit series #1 – 3rd Interview with a profitable Betfair trader

This is one of my favourite series I have done, being able to talk to profitable traders on the Betfair […]

Pro Betfair Trading – The Pros and the Cons to Full-Time Sports Betting!

Pro Trader Martin explains to us the pros and cons of living the life of a Betfair Sports Trader. So […]

Road to profit series #1 – 2nd Interview with a profitable trader

This is the second interview with a profitable trader on the Betfair Exchange, the inspritation for this series came from […]

Betfair Trading Community Review – Complete Video Walkthrough Guide!

What does a membership to the best Betfair Trading Community out there get you? Watch this video of the sports […]

Number #1 Betfair Football Trading Market?

What’s the best football trading market on Betfair? Join the greatest Betfair sports trading community:

Best Market To Trade Tennis On Betfair?

Getting started with tennis trading on the betfair exchange but not sure which is the best market? It’s something people […]

I Made a Mistake – Betfair Trading confessions

Time to talk about something personal! Join the world’s best trading community:

A Day In The Life of A Pro Betfair Trader

A lot of people have requested that I create this video, to go through what a day in the life […]

Football Trading – Why Leagues Matter

Have you ever filtered out certain leagues to improve your trading? Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel to get […]

Sod’s Law and Betfair Trading

Why does Sod’s law strike in Betfair Trading?

Live Betfair First Half Goal Profitable Strategy

Thanks to Frode for sharing his profitable first half goal strategy with us! Written instructions here: Selections posted daily […]

Live trading Lay the Dog! (Richards profitable lay the underdog strategy)

Martin talks us through a live trade example of this highly profitable strategy. Find the written description here: Find […]

Thank You Betfair Traders!

We seem to be over the worst of it and the live sport is coming back, so this is a […]

Betfair Trading Series – The Holy Trinity – Preview

Have you ever wanted to know what factors pro traders consider to be the most important when deciding on a […]

TradeShark adds a lighthearted commentary to one of Betfair Trading Community’s live streams.

Ryan Caruthers from Betfair Trading Community has been streaming live during the coronavirus lockdown. Tradeshark adds a lighthearted commentary to […]