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Betfair Introduction: Exchange v Sportsbook (Video Course)

Learning to trade? You’ll need to know the basics, be it the differences between Betfair’s Exchange and Sportsbook or more […]

BETFAIR TRADING: 3 Pro’s 1 Day (Full Highlights)

Betfair trading is the practice of placing different types of bets, both back and lay on the same selection to […]

Auto Cash Out

We’ve launched Auto Cash Out, a new product for the Betfair Exchange which lets you set your profit level and […]

Spreads and Totals

Introducing our new Handicap and Total Points markets. A walkthrough video so you can make the most of our new […]

Cash Out

Making the most of Cash Out. We also invented Cash Out, meaning you can lock in a profit or take […]

In Play

A short guide to In-Play betting. Betfair created the concept of in-play betting, allowing you to bet throughout an event […]


How to place a lay bet. On Betfair, you can oppose an outcome by ‘laying’ a bet. Find out how, […]


How to place a back bet. The Exchange isn’t all about trading – it’s simple to place a standard back […]

Decimal Odds

Making sense of decimal odds. Confused by decimal odds? Don’t be – it’s actually super simple, as the video explains…

The Exchange

Everything you need to know about the Betfair Exchange. Your one-stop guide to what the Exchange is all about…