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#BettingPeople – JIM MCGRATH (Part 3)

Jim tells us what advice he would give to someone who is a first time punter, both for fun and […]

#BettingPeople – JIM MCGRATH (Part 2)

In Part 2, Jim talks about breeding and what is taken into consideration when breeders search for the next champion, […]

#BettingPeople – JIM MCGRATH (Part 1)

In Part 1, Jim talks about how he broke into the racing industry, and recalls his opening job at Timeform. […]

#BettingPeople – RICH HASSALL (Part 4)

In Part 4, Rich tells us about winning figures, cultivating a network and upsetting people with his opinions on profiling.

#BettingPeople – RICH HASSALL (Part 3)

In Part 3, Rich talks about the bets he specialises in, a meeting with Harry Findlay who understood ‘Kidology’ and […]

#BettingPeople – RICH HASSALL (Part 2)

Rich talks about having a promising golf career to bet full time, how those similarities in the two professions helped […]

#BettingPeople – RICH HASSALL (Part 1)

Rich explains why after being the ‘mystery punter’ and staying under the radar he’s decided to come out of the […]

#BettingPeople – SOPHIE RALSTON (Part 2)

In Part 2, Sophie gives Hannah an insight into her weighing room experiences when beginning her career, and shares her […]

#BettingPeople – SOPHIE RALSTON (Part 1)

In part 1, we find out why Sophie left Ireland to come to England to pursue her career in racing. […]

#BettingPeople – RACHEL CANDELORA (Part 2)

In Part 2, Rachel talks about her journey into Racing TV and provides advice for those seeking to enter racing […]

#BettingPeople – RACHEL CANDELORA (Part 1)

In Part 1, Rachel discusses her handicapping methods, her favourite angles to approach races and how she deals with losing […]

#BettingPeople JOSEPHINE GORDON Part 2/2

Josephine talks about what keeps her motivated as a jockey, what race she’d most want to win, and her personal […]

#BettingPeople JOSEPHINE GORDON Part 1/2

In part one, Josie talks about how she got into racing, her first experiences as a jockey, what things are […]

#BettingPeople RICHARD PITMAN Part 3/3

Richard tells us who he’d ride if he had a choice in this year’s Grand National, shares some stories from […]

#BettingPeople RICHARD PITMAN Part 2/3

Richard talks through the thought process and tactics behind his ride on Crisp in the 1973 National, and how the […]

#BettingPeople RICHARD PITMAN Part 1/3

In part one, Richard talks about his early days growing up in Cheltenham, how his riding career began, and recalls […]

#BettingPeople​ STEVE TILLEY Part 4/4

As a former member of the Horse Race Bettors Forum and a critic of on-course bookmakers, Steve talks about the […]

#BettingPeople​ STEVE TILLEY Part 3/4

Steve goes back to the basics and explains how spread betting works, for the benefit of the many of us […]

#BettingPeople​ STEVE TILLEY Part 2/4

Steve goes into more detail about betting on SPs and distances plus giving advice on the sorts of markets to […]

#BettingPeople​ STEVE TILLEY Part 1/4

Steve Tilley couldn’t win as a fixed odds punter, but found his forte in spread betting. Since getting involved he’s […]

#BettingPeople​ JOE O’GORMAN Part 3/3

In part three, Joe explains some of the methods behind how he prices both greyhound and horse racing, how he […]

#BettingPeople​ JOE O’GORMAN Part 2/3

In part two, Joe talks about the challenges facing the bookmaking industry, the health of the on-course game, and what […]

#BettingPeople​ JOE O’GORMAN Part 1/3

In part one, Joe talks about his background and entry into bookmaking, his time at Walthamstow and his move to […]

#BettingPeople ED HAWKINS Part 3/3

In Part 3, Ed gives a cricketing masterclass as he shows us how he approaches different markets with insight into […]