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How Much Money Can I Earn?

One question we get asked all the time is: How Much Money can I Earn from Betfair Trading. We will […]

Using Power Query to combine multiple horse racing files in an Excel Spreadsheet

We take you through the simplistic steps of how to create a basic Excel Power Query. How you can combine […]

32 points profit in one day! Pete runs hot using The Value Machine

Pete had an awesome day using The Value Machine this week, ending up with 32 points profit for just one […]

Analysing Jockey and Trainer stats and performance

Using 2 data streams on the website we show you several different ways in which you can examine a […]

Betfair Trading Strategy – Don’t Blindly Follow Any

Here’s a Betfair Trading Strategy that’ll work day in day out, don’t follow any trading strategy on Betfair blindy… I […]

Creating a heatmap to show draw bias in horse racing

The video details to simple steps behind creating a basic Excel heatmap to display any stall / draw bias. We […]

How to make a DOB horse selection and back test success rate

In this video we show you how to use the pre race download file ( to filter for upcoming selections […]

Betting Clever Ep 3 – The SBC team talk betting and tipsters

The SBC team join forces to discuss all things betting. Horse racing betting, racing tipsters, golf tipsters, football tipsters are […]

Is Betfair Trading Possible?

Here Martin explains in detail whether or not Betfair trading is possible. Whether it is football tips and advice, football […]

Analysing horse racing data using Pivot Tables and Box Plots

We show you how to use our data dashboard ( to export into Excel your filtered horse racing data and […]

Why I Don’t Like Insurance Trades When Betfair Trading?

Insurance when Betfair Trading isn’t what I like, I will chat about it in this video! What is insurance? When […]

English football teams home and away profitability

We guide you through the very simple steps that shows you how you can use the fixtures and results download […]

Is Betfair Trading Gambling?

Here Martin explains in detail whether or not Betfair trading is gambling. Before trading on football this is a must […]

The Value Machine | Interview with horse racing tipster Kieran Ward

Welcome to the new and improved horse racing betting service, The Value Machine from one of the best horse racing […]

Losing Days Betfair: Easier When Pro or Newbie?

Are losing days on Betfair easier to handle when you are a betfair pro or a newbie? Let’s start by […]

Betting for profit with Smart Betting Club recommended tipsters | Winner Odds tennis betting

Alex has added a new service to his SBC recommended betting portfolio. That new addition is Winner Odds which is […]

The Smart Betting Club Podcast | Winner Odds tennis betting service with Miguel Figueres

An interview with Spanish bettor, Miguel Figueres on his usage of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to win money betting on Tennis. […]

Is Betfair Trading Still Profitable in 2021?

Here Martin answers the big question, is Betfair Trading still profitable? The members forum link shown on the video can […]

Sorting and Exporting Horse Racing data

Here we show you on our test site some examples of the improvements we’re currently working on behind the scenes. […]

New filter column

A new column will allow you to filter by current days races, allowing you to see the full race history […]

NEW Geegeez Bet Finder Tool Introducing our newest tool, the Bet Finder. Featuring more than 60 filter variables, quickly find the horses of most […]

Is Betfair Trading Tax Free? Pro Football Trader Explains All

Martin explains to us whether Betfair trading is tax free and how and when you might want to declare your […]

Lay the Draw vs Lay the Score – Betfair Trading Strategies – Which is Best?

Martin talks through the positives and negatives of the Lay the Draw and Lay the Current Score Betfair trading strategies […]