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Betfair Trading vs Matched Betting – What are the main differences?

Martyn on the forum asked this week what the differences were between Betfair Trading and Matched Betting so this seemed […]

Road to profit series #1 – 3rd Interview with a profitable Betfair trader

This is one of my favourite series I have done, being able to talk to profitable traders on the Betfair […]

Pro Betfair Trading – The Pros and the Cons to Full-Time Sports Betting!

Pro Trader Martin explains to us the pros and cons of living the life of a Betfair Sports Trader. So […]

Road to profit series #1 – 2nd Interview with a profitable trader

This is the second interview with a profitable trader on the Betfair Exchange, the inspritation for this series came from […]

Betfair Trading Community Review – Complete Video Walkthrough Guide!

What does a membership to the best Betfair Trading Community out there get you? Watch this video of the sports […]

Number #1 Betfair Football Trading Market?

What’s the best football trading market on Betfair? Join the greatest Betfair sports trading community:

Best Market To Trade Tennis On Betfair?

Getting started with tennis trading on the betfair exchange but not sure which is the best market? It’s something people […]

Matched Betting FAQs with OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey Founder and CEO, Paul King, answers some frequently asked questions on Matched Betting

I Made a Mistake – Betfair Trading confessions

Time to talk about something personal! Join the world’s best trading community:

A Day In The Life of A Pro Betfair Trader

A lot of people have requested that I create this video, to go through what a day in the life […]

Tipster Affiliation Deals, Verification & Red Flags | PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: #24 ft. Smart Betting Club

In Episode 24, Alex Vella talked to Pete Ling from Smart Betting Club about his tipster verification website and the […]

OddsMonkey Founder and CEO, Paul King, Explains Matched Betting in a few minutes

OddsMonkey Founder and CEO, Paul King, Explains Matched Betting in a few minutes

Football Trading – Why Leagues Matter

Have you ever filtered out certain leagues to improve your trading? Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel to get […]

Sod’s Law and Betfair Trading

Why does Sod’s law strike in Betfair Trading?

Live AMA with Adam – Digitex City Explained

#Digitex #DGTX #Crypto Earlier this week, Adam surprised the Digitex community with the release of the new whitepaper outlining our […]

ETH/USD Futures Market: Check out the Latest Video from Cryptrader

#ETH #Trading #Futures The ETH/USD market went live on the #DFE on Friday and traders are loving the giant price […]

Digitex Futures to Digitex City – Adam Reveals the New Whitepaper Plans

#Digitex #DGTX #Crypto The brand-new Digitex white paper has just been published! We’re delighted to announce our plans for an […]

New #DGTX Analysis Report by Trading Legend CTO Larsson

#Digitex #Crypto #Trading We’re excited to announce that the well-known Swedish crypto #trader and investor #CTOLarsson will be helping us […]

What’s Next for Digitex? Hear It from Adam in This Video Update

#Digitex #DFE #DGTX Speaking to the Digitex community from our office in Kyiv last night, Adam gives an update about […]

Check Out the #Digitex Trading API Now Fully Integrated on the Mainnet

#DFE #Futures #Trading The Digitex Trading API is now officially live on the mainnet. In this brief but informative video, […]

The #DigitexFutures Public Launch Mega Trading Event

#DGTX #DFE #Crypto     This Friday, July 31, is set to be the biggest day in the history of […]

First Look at the Launch Day #Trading Event with Adam

#DGTX #DFE #Digitex Last Friday, we announced that the #DigitexFutures #exchange will launch to the public on July 31. After […]

Cryptrader Explains How to Use Conditional Orders

#Trading #Digitex #TradingTips #Traders on the #DFE mainnet have been clamoring for conditional orders, and Stop Loss in particular, ever […]