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Betfair Trading – Discipline and Mentality Advice

Pro Trader Martin shares with us key advice on how to stay disciplined and mentally strong after making a mistake […]

Is Lay The Draw Trading Or Gambling?

Is the Betfair football trading strategy Lay the Draw trading or gambling? Have you ever wondered whether Lay the Draw […]

Betfair Trading Private One to One Coaching how to create your personal thread.

Martin walks us through how to create our own private coaching thread so that we can get one to one […]

Football Trading – Further Research that gives Betfair Pro Traders an Edge

Here are the 5 key things to research that the stats cannot tell you! This knowledge will give you a […]

3 Questions Every Trader Should Ask Before Their Betfair Trade

#Betfair #Betfairtrading There are 3 questions that every Betfair Trader should ask themselves before doing any trading on the Betfair […]

Matched Betting Insight with OddsMonkey – Episode 4 – Most Common Matched Betting Mistakes…and How

Source: This is the fourth episode of Matched Betting Insight and we are looking at Common Matched Betting Mistakes […]

How to Learn Matched Betting in Under An Hour with OddsMonkey

Graeme Bailey hosts our latest Live Webinar and is joined by Matched Betting expert – OddsMonkey’s Steve T

2020 Update – Trading Course, Horse Racing Software and Private Coaching

Betfair Trading Community update on some of the behind the scenes goings on at BTC! This video from Pro Trader […]

Tennis Trading – Big Server’s Observations

@Betfair Trading Community has another video here on tennis trading for the Betfair Exchange traders. Ryan Carruthers professional trader on […]

Betfair Tennis Trading – Lay 1st Set Winner Strategy

This video is a solid easy tennis trading strategy that anybody whether new or old to betfair exchange trading can […]

Matched Betting Insight with OddsMonkey – Episode 3 – To Casino or not to Casino?

Source:   The third episode of Matched Betting Insight looks at Casino’s and how much of a part that […]

What to look for when Inplay Trading LTD (lay the draw) Over 2.5 goals Football

Pro football trader and long time BTC supporter Martin shares his notes on what to look for statistically when trading […]

Double your chances of doubling your bank… trade with your head, not your heart. Here’s how…

Have you ever traded with your emotions rather than your head? I think at some stage in our trading we […]

How Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Forum – Part 2

#Betfair #Betfairforum Have you ever felt scared to ask a question to exprienced traders? Yep! Don’t worry I was the […]

Betfair football trading how do subs effect ltd and lcs goal trades?

Pro football trader Martin tells us why substitutions can effect game flow in football and how you can use this […]

Inside look at Martin’s LTD (Lay the draw) football trading filter

Link to the data: After a successful three months testing period Martin shows us inside the lay the draw […]

Matched Betting Insight with OddsMonkey – Episode 2 – Two-up Talk

Source: Welcome to the second Episode Two of OddsMonkey’s all new podcast – Matched Betting Insight. This podcast will […]

Member’s Sign Up Video Guide

A walk-through for new members who sign up and have any issues logging in. Follow the steps in this video […]

Betfair Trading – Inside sneak look at our highly profitable member’s forum!

An inside members view of our highly successful trading forum, where pro and amateur traders alike share their selections, thoughts […]

Horse Racing on Betfair – Laying Pro Tipsters Picks for a profit!

Pro Trader Martin shares his horse racing place lay system that has made £324 profit using just £10 stakes over […]

Betfair Trading Strategy – How close have you been to finding one?

When it comes to trading on the Betfair Exchange we are all chasing a strategy – but how close have […]

Why Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Betfair Forum – Part 1

#Betfair #Betfairforum Many many years ago I had a dream to create a Betfair forum where traders could get the […]

Persistance and Perserverance When Trading On Betfair

In this video I talk about some examples of persistance and perserervance when trading on the betfair exchange and how […]