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3 Secrets to Winning on Betfair

Martin from tells us three of the key secrets to winning on Betfair. These three things are not talked […]

You’ve Got To Think Like A Bookie – Play The Trade

This video was inspired by a podcast where the hosts interviewed a mindset coach who worked with poker players who […]

New Premier League Season Betfair Trading Preview!

This video explains how I will approach the new football season when trading the Premier League on Betfair! This is […]

What I Wish I’d Known When I Started On Betfair

I think this is my FAVE video on Betfair trading ever! Let me tell you why…. I’ve been trading on […]

Betfair Trading Bank – How to Manage It!

You’ve got your betfair trading bank all set, but how do you make sure you get the best out of […]

What to do when a trade goes against you?

There is so many thoughts going through your head when a trade on Betfair goes against you but what I […]

Back The Server – Tennis Trading Strategy 2021

Simple tennis trading strategy for backing the server! In this video I will break down a really simple to follow […]

Easy To Follow Tennis Strategy Betfair Trading

Tennis Betfair trading strategy anybody can use for Wimbledon and beyond! I think this is one of the simplest and […]

A Losing Trade on Betfair – A full assessment of where I Went Wrong and How to Improve Next Time

I’ve seen many many videos on trading in my lifetime but rarely have I seen analysis of a losing trade. […]

The Betfair Trading Strategies I’m Using In 2021!

Struggling to know what Betfair Trading Strategies to use in 2021? Well you won’t if you watch this video all […]

This is the Worst Betfair Betting and Trading Strategy!

Is this the worst strategy for betting or trading on Betfair? Have you used this strategy? Why do some people […]

What Tech Can You Use To Save Time In Your Betfair Trading

Want to be trading on Betfair but have limited time? This is the video for you. I know what it […]

International Football – How to Trade for a Profit! Euro 2020 edition

Martin from tells us how to profit from major football trading tournaments like the World Cups and the Euros. […]

betfair trading football strategy – How i failed with the overs but found profit with the match odds

betfair trading football strategy video coming at you today! This one is an interesting one because its one I failed […]

Why keeping your Betfair trading simple is the path to success

Betfair trading doesn’t need to be compliacted, in fact in this video I am going to give you the story […]

How An Experienced Betfair Trader Selects Their Trades

Watch this video to find out how Martin and other experienced traders make their trading selections. Check out this free […]

Why having a Betfair Trading Plan will create better oppotunities on Betfair

When it comes to trading on Betfair most traders I work with say that they don’t have a Trading Plan…. […]

How To Create A Winning Trading Strategy on Betfair!

Lot’s of traders get stuck on Betfair wondering how to develop a winning strategy. This video will explain where to […]

Don’t give up on Betfair because you lost a few trades!

Every body on Betfair loses trades, hey even Man City lose a few games on their way to winning the […]

Teach Yourself Betfair Trading Self-Discipline!

Martin talks us through a typical trading day and how to avoid the moment of indiscipline that can plague our […]

One Betfair Strategy – Its the way to win!

One Betfair Strategy it’s the hole grail when it comes to trading on Betfair isn’t it? But why do most […]

I Do Not Have Time to Trade on Betfair!

Have you ever thought I would love to trade on Betfair but you don’t really have the time to do […]