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Percentage of rivals beaten (PRB) and Finishing position LTO added

As requested by existing members we have added the following additional outputs within the pre race download file ( PRB […]

Using slicers with horse racing data

This video will help you filter, manipulate and display output from our data dashboard using a simple pivot table […]

Filtering the current days horse racing results using slicers

Following on from the success of the new slicer methods for the pre race download file we have now introduced […]

Detailed output from your selection criteria

We’ve tweaked the pre race download file ( selection tab output so you can now get the full detail for […]

Pre race download file (27/06/21)

In case you missed the previous launch video, here is a further delve into the new selection filters for the […]

Horse Racing selection method within pre race download Excel sheet

Select your horses using our new Pivot table / Slicer methodology built in to the Pre race download file here […]

Poisson mathematical method to predict football outcomes and betting markets

This FREE excel sheet uses Poisson distribution to give the “true” expectation and probability of football outcomes. Easily important data […]

Navigating the Racing-Bet-Data website as a basic member

A guided tour of showing you the data on offer where to find it, how to join and the […]

Dobbing – Looking for upcoming horses to DOB

This video explains the basics of a DOB (Double or Bust) trade and helps identify how to pick a selection […]

Using VBA Macro to select your horse racing selections in Excel

This video will guide you through the basic’s behind automating a repeat routine in Excel using VBA macro coding. Here […]

Back testing horse racing data across 2 data streams

This video shows how you can link 2 different data sets together using formula. We demonstrate how the pre race […]

Exploring the daily Racing-Bet-Data pre race download file

A brief explanation of each column and its headers. The pre race download file ( is a such a powerful […]

Trading first half vs second half goals with under 2.5 goals

The video shows how to obtain the relevant data ( to analyse teams individual home and away performances comparing first […]

New features added to the pre race download

We introduce the new columns added to the pre race download file accessible here You can now see if […]

Creating your own horse racing rating system

We demonstrate how you can use certain criteria such as (age, weight, days since last run, official rating, wins in […]

Calculating first half goal occurrence in games

This video uses the fixture & results export ( and demonstrates how you can use Excel formula to calculate each […]

Using pace data to perform in play horse racing trades (B2L) Back to Lay

To obtain both the B2L and L2B files please follow the payment link below, you will be asked for your […]

Course and Distance winner filter

We’ve added in 2 additional columns within the pre race download ( showing if a horse has won at the […]

Draw Bias data

Here we show how you can obtain the stall / draw data for horses and start analysing potential profitable angles […]

Checking if a horse has won over course and distance

Using the pre race download file you can apply some simple formula to identify if a horse has won […]

Using Poisson Distribution to predict football matches

We demonstrate how you can export football results from the fixtures & results page of the website ( and export […]

Pre race daily download file improvements for horse racing trading strategies

Detailing the improvements made to the pre race file ( used to track horses full race history. Showing depreciation in […]

Winning times data available within results download

As requested by several members, and visitors to our site – the winning time for each race will now been […]

Using data to examine first half goals in past matches

Using data output from we show you how, in Excel you can use some fairly simple formula to start […]