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Telegram Trading Tips direct to phone/laptop.

Simon our Pro Trader trades the footie, racing, tennis, cricket and more. You get the Tips direct saving time and […]

Correct Score HT

I am offering my services to build people custom automation / bots for sports traders who are struggling to trade […]

Betfair InPlay Horse Racing trading | Take it to another level with Bet Angel

Bet Angel contains a number of ‘hidden’ features that can dramatically improve your ability to trade InPlay. We built Bet […]

How to Predict a Draw in Football Match (4 Tips Revealed)

What’s the fastest way to predict a draw in football? In this video we share some football tips you won’t […]

3 Football Betting Strategies to Win Big & Make Income Online | Caan Berry

Do you know about these 3 football betting strategies? If not, you relly should. This video is one of the […]

15 Habits of Wealthy Traders You Can’t Affort to Ignore.

Habits are the making of any trader. Shaping your habits is one of the best ‘hacks’ to speed up your […]

Betting strategy | Betfair trading | Royal Ascot trade worth nearly £600 fully explained

To see more in-depth videos visit There is only one betting strategy that has been proved to work time […]

Fill / Kill Time Delay Hack – BetAngel Automation

Subscribe on YouTube and click the bell to get notifications of new videos Also follow me on twitter @LeeCaLTrading. I […]

4 Stages to Trading for A Living Online (Successfully)

Trading for a living is an attractive prospect for many. But are you ready? See these 4 stages of trading […]

£0 to £100,000 a Year: How Long to Trade a Living?

How long does it take to successfully day trade for a living? It’s a popular question that was recently asked […]

Horse racing trading on Betfair | A simple trade explained in depth betting exchange

I dusted off the screen recording software this week on the return of UK racing to do record one of […]

I’m Giving £310.88 to a Random Viewer to Celebrate Racing’s Return…

Racing is back and I’m giving some money away to a stranger to celebrate! Watch this video to find out […]

Betfair football trader Psychoff & Peter Webb – Q&A session

I got a call from Psychoff this week asking him if I would like to join him for a Q&A […]

How to Profit From Panic on Betfair (£30+ Overreaction)

Learn how you can profit from panic in the horse racing markets pre-race, on Betfair’s exchange. This video shares my […]

TradeShark adds a lighthearted commentary to one of Betfair Trading Community’s live streams.

Ryan Caruthers from Betfair Trading Community has been streaming live during the coronavirus lockdown. Tradeshark adds a lighthearted commentary to […]

Football betting and trading | The ‘secret’ formula that predicts the outcome of a football match

In a previous video, which you can view here: – We discussed coming up with a set of ratings […]

Betfair Trading | Have a little respect!

Betfair trading, specifically racing. You must be able to justify opening any trade. This video may help you with that. […]

Justify Your Trade

Betfair trading, specifically racing. You must be able to justify opening any trade. This video may help you with that. […]

How Much Money I Make From YouTube With 100,000 Views Per Month in 2020

How much I make from YouTube Ads with 23,000 Subscribers and 100,000 views per month? This video will show you […]

Betfair football trading | Profiting from the return of football and home advantage

The return of football this weekend means we see some top-flight competitive action on for the first time in a […]

Betfair Trading on Your Phone?

Can you trade Betfair on your mobile phone? In this Q & A Caan Berry shows you the answer with […]

2010 Webinar with 2020 commentary. Dabul v Rochus in Newport.

This a semi final on grass in Newport, USA. Some awful value taken. I explain what I would do differently […]

Betfair trading | Creating a profitable Betfair trading strategy

If you go about trading the right way, there is a natural way that you find, develop and create long […]