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Betfair Tennis Trading. Three matches in a row. Match 2 – Golubic v Diatchenko ##Resized

***This a re-upload. I figured out the issue with the size of the screen. The last time I recorded several […]

Betfair Tennis Trading. Three matches in a row. Match 3 – Garcia v Trevisan.

The last time I recorded several matches in a row, the series was popular so I have done the same […]

3 Top Apps for Champions League Predictions…

See the best champions league prediction apps around and which are best for certain predictions, such as over/under 2.5 goals, […]

Betfair trading myth | Why you don’t need to know the direction of odds to profit

When I started Betfair trading I was doing arbitrage betting. I was going to a bookmaker or sportsbook and laying […]

Betfair Tennis Trading. Three matches in a row. Match 1 – Rus v Zhang.

The last time I recorded several matches in a row, the series was popular so I have done the same […]

How Much Bet365 Boss Earns as UK’s Richest Woman | Denise Coates 2022 Salary

See how much money Bet365 and its boss earns in 2022 and what it’s spent on. Denise Coates salary and […]

BetJet Pro Multiple Offsets

Showing the incredible speed of the tick offset tool in BetJet Pro using multiple tick offsets with auto hedging and […]

3 Accumulator Betting Tips to Win MORE…

See these 3 accumulator betting tips that’ll ensure you get a bigger return for lower risk than Betfair’s Acca Edge. […]

Betfair trading | Why Saturdays can produce brilliant and terrible markets

Saturdays produce some of the best Betfair trading opportunities of the week. Big sporting events, create big sports betting markets […]

Betfair trading software | Bet Angel’s amazing Guardian feature

Bet Angel’s Guardian feature is a piece of Betfair trading software in its own right. It contains a vast number […]

Bet Builders Hidden Truth Revealed…

Bet Builders are extremely popular in football betting. See this Champions League example between Athletico Madrid and Manchester United where […]


See how the Racing Post tips with Tom Segal for Pricewise slipped up earlier this week. For Racing Post members […]

Tick Offset Speed

Trading a small field using the speed of BetJet Pro and the tick offset tool.


See how betting company Coral has been using its business processes and tactics to maximise profits. It’s a real eye-opener […]

How PRICE BOOSTS Can Offer Profit

Watch this price boost betting strategy that works on football and other sports with well-known price boost providers like Skybet. […]

Head of Strategy Matchbook Exchange Answers Tricky Questions | EPISODE 10 Insiders | Jesse May

Matchbooks head of strategy, Jesse May agreed to take a call about their platform to answer your questions. Check it […]

Peter Webb | Bet Angel | What’s on my trading bookshelf?

I’ve done a couple of videos where I have some shelves in the background of the shot and on one […]

Befair trading software | Bet Angel | Market Overview Screen

You may have seen other Betfair trading software with a market overview screen, but it was an original feature of […]

The Rise & Fall of Phil Ivey’s Poker Millions | High Stakes Poker Strategy

Phil Ivey’s poker strategy has seen him win millions playing poker, set records and become a target for lawsuits. It’s […]

Betfair trading | Long term profitable trading requires these three things

Betfair trading strategies are where most people start when they are trying to make some money when Betfair trading. But […]

The Dishonest Downfall of Gambling

Gambling headlines in the Daily Mail, BBC and Times are appearing every week as the gambling industry faces allegations of […]

Betfair trading software | Showing odds movement on Bet Angel

Here is a neat thing you can do on Bet Angel, the cutting edge Betfair trading software for Betfair trading. […]

LEAKED MP’s Report Blasts Regulator!

A leaked report from the APPG that has been featured on the front page of the Racing Post today has […]

Sports trading on Betfair | Here is the key thing you need to know for success

Betfair trading is all about getting a positive trading expectancy, as is traditional sports betting. You need to balance out […]